Bitcoin NFT Genesis Cat fetches $254,000 on Sotheby’s


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  • Bitcoin NFT Genesis Cat has raised a stunning sale price of $254,000 at Sotheby’s auction.
  • Shaping the future of art transactions through digital auctions.

In a recent auction hosted by Sotheby’s, a digital artwork named “Genesis Cat” from the Quantum Cats collection on the Bitcoin blockchain made waves by fetching an impressive sale price of $254,000. This unique piece, created by artist and engineer Francisco “FAR” Alarcon, is a 1-of-1 creation within the Quantum Cats collection, produced by the Taproot Wizards group.

Bitcoin NFT records massive sale on Sotheby’s

The Quantum Cats collection, which consists of 3,333 distinct digital cats, marks the debut public collection from Taproot Wizards. The auction’s success, particularly the significant sale of Genesis Cat, serves as a confidence booster for Taproot Wizards. This achievement follows their successful fundraising effort of $7.5 million the previous year, making it a notable milestone for the group. Initially estimated to sell for a more modest range of $15,000 to $20,000, the final sale price of Genesis Cat far exceeded expectations.

Sotheby’s Metaverse account on X shared the details of the sale, stating that “With over 50 bids, ‘Genesis Cat’ by @0xfar for Taproot Wizards has achieved an impressive $254,000 (6.31 BTC), 12X over the high estimate.” The recent Sotheby’s auction, titled “Natively Digital: An Ordinals Curated Sale,” featured a total of 18 digital art pieces, including Genesis Cat. Other notable sales from the event included Lot 17 “Black Rare Sat (20,159,999,999,999),” which secured a price of $165,100, Des Lucréce’s Lot 11 “Benediction from Between Worlds” sold for $95,250, and Asprey Studio’s “Asprey Bugatti Crown Egg Number 10” achieved $82,550.

Sotheby’s Head of Digital Art and NFTs, Michael Bouhanna, disclosed in a post on X that all lots were successfully sold, accumulating a total sale amount of $1,097,000 with 641 bids made. These sales underscore the growing popularity of NFT-like creations on the Bitcoin blockchain. However, this trend has sparked both excitement and scrutiny within the crypto community, as it signifies a shift in the use of the Bitcoin blockchain’s bandwidth, traditionally reserved for financial transactions. The success of “Genesis Cat” and the overall positive outcome of the Sotheby’s auction exemplify the increasing acceptance and interest in digital art and NFTs within the broader art market.

Shaping the future of art transactions through digital auctions

The willingness of buyers to invest substantial amounts in digital assets highlights a changing landscape where traditional notions of art ownership and value are evolving. Taproot Wizards, as the creators of the Bitcoin NFT Quantum Cats collection, can celebrate not only the financial success of Genesis Cat but also the validation of their vision in the form of a well-received public collection. The quarter-million-dollar sale of Genesis Cat, surpassing initial estimates, speaks to the uniqueness and desirability of digital art within the NFT space.

The broader success of the auction, with all lots being sold and exceeding the million-dollar mark in total sales, indicates a growing appetite for digital art and NFTs among collectors and investors. The diverse range of artworks showcased in the auction, each with its appeal and narrative, further emphasizes the expanding diversity within the digital art space. While these sales signify a positive trend for NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain, it also raises questions within the crypto community about the impact on the network.

The traditional use of the Bitcoin blockchain for financial transactions is now being supplemented by a surge in NFT-related activities, challenging the conventional understanding of the blockchain’s primary purpose. The success of “Genesis Cat” and the Sotheby’s auction highlights the evolving landscape of digital art and NFTs within the art market. As these novel forms of expression gain broader acceptance, the intersection of technology and creativity continues

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