Bitcoin Halving Predictions & New Cryptos Most Likely to Surge in 2024

Just a few months after its presale launch, the revolutionary new meme coin, Memeinator (MMTR) is generating plenty of buzz as its initial coin offering (ICO) matures. With $2.7m already raised as of stage 11, Memeinator is exceeding all expectations by breaking past the 7-figure milestone, giving prospective presale investors the chance to take advantage of the discounted token prices and programmed MMTR price increases. Suffice it to say that Memeinator is emerging at just the right time, heading into 2024.

At the same time, an established crypto looks likely to experience a substantial price increase in 2024, and it’s a name most crypto enthusiasts will be familiar with: Chainlink (LINK). How high can MMTR and LINK go in 2024? Let’s find out with some Bitcoin halving predictions.

The Memeinator presale clock is ticking 

Memeinator’s ICO has hit the highly significant 7 figure milestone, experiencing a major surge in investor interest. MMTR tokens are being snapped up at a furious pace as it enters stage 11 of its presale. The project’s astonishing rise is propelled by its FOMO-inspiring token price increase mechanism, implemented at every presale stage. The mechanism is moving MMTR prices from $0.01 in stage 1 to a closing presale price of $0.0292 in stage 20. Prospective investors can still reap token price gains before the presale ends.

What is Memeinator? Everything you need to know 

The year 2077 has arrived early—and a new contender has arrived from the bleak future to save the meme coin format before it degrades further. And it’s coming to cleanse the crypto world from the scourge of weak, unimaginative, and useless meme coins that threaten the very future of the format. Hasta la vista Dogecoin and PEPE ripoffs, there’s a new judge, jury, and executioner in town. 

It’s Memeinator: the harbinger of meme coin doom. And it’s putting every last weak meme coin on notice. 

Memeinator’s mission and vision are to bring about a sea change in the meme coin market and inspire the birth of new meme coins that bring innovative quality and genuine utility to the format. 

What does MMTR do?

With AI and GameFi-esque utility, Memeinator’s native token MMTR will serve as the meme coin ecosystem’s primary unit of value transfer. Holders of MMTR tokens can stake them for a generous 45% APY yield. In addition, the token will grant access to a new Memeinator NFT project and video game: Meme Warfare

Meme Warfare uses an AI web scraper called Memescanner. This tool will scour the internet for meme coins, determine which coins lack quality, and send those that fail to pass to their inevitable doom. How? By feeding them into Meme Warfare as characters for players to eradicate in various gratuitous, gleefully sadistic, and destructive ways.

Memeinator will combine the best of AI, GameFi, and distributed ledger technology by using Twitter APIs and OpenAI algorithms, and MMTR will be the key to unlocking a world of digital experiences.

How high can MMTR go in 2024? Bitcoin halving predictions

Bitcoin halving predictions are surfacing for cryptos ahead of 2024, and Memeinator is one of the tokens many expect to benefit greatly from in the upcoming bull market. By achieving its $1 billion market cap goal—a serious possibility in 2024/5—MMTR would make gains of 100x at a valuation of $1 per Memeinator token. On the conservative end, even if Memeinator hits half its goal, MMTR tokens can be worth $0.50 by the next bull market. Either way, epic gains are possible with Memeinator’s potential.

Lastly, with Memeinator burning six stages of MMTR tokens – with 3 others being reallocated – all to increase token prices right before it launches, plus a quarterly burn mechanism after the project launches, Memeinator is primed to skyrocket in price, especially once the token lists.

What is Chainlink?

Chainlink needs no introduction, as it has been a constant presence in the top crypto lists for the past few years. Chainlink derives its value from its ability to facilitate interconnected blockchains with real-world applications through oracles. Chainlink oracles collect and distribute real-time data to power decentralized applications and smart contracts, linking an entire ecosystem of dApps and services with traditional industries to create new and exciting blockchain applications.

How high can LINK go in 2024? Bitcoin halving predictions

LINK has been struggling to break the $17 resistance level even as its colleagues within the top half of the top 100 have posted 3x to 6x in gains after Bitcoin broke past $45,000 not too long ago. LINK has plateaued. However, with the pipeline of institutional partnerships in the coming years, it’s easy to see that Chainlink will have the legs to run by a factor of 2x to 3x by 2024. From its current $14 level, we can see LINK touching $28 to $42 next year in a bullish scenario. And those gains are respectable.

Which crypto is a better buy? Memeinator or Chainlink?

Memeinator is selling out its presale token supply for a good reason: it has parabolic potential compared to more established cryptos like Chainlink. While both cryptos are great bets to make substantial gains with, the gains you can earn with Memeinator as a low-cap, high-potential crypto in its ICO phase could dwarf those you can make with Chainlink in the next 12 months. It’s a no-brainer for prospective investors seeking superior gains: the choice is Memeinator.

To buy Memeinator (MMTR), visit the official Memeinator website.

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