Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stacks, and BitTorrent (New) Daily Price Analyses – 10 March Roundup


TL;DR Breakdown

  • The recession in the global crypto market continues as it sheds 4.42% in 24 hours.
  • Bitcoin, affected by the recessive bouts, sheds 5.84% in 24 hours.
  • Ethereum also sheds 4.55%, following the dominant trend in the market.
  • Stacks token remains bullish, adding 25.90%, while BitTorrent is bearish, shedding 2.12%.

A continuous recession is witnessed in the global crypto market as the sudden turn has affected different currencies across the market. As Bitcoin leads the market, its lowering price spurred other currencies to shed value which has continued since then. Efforts are going on to reduce losses, but the indicators suggest that some coins like Bitcoin might be readying for further downsides.  

The good news for the market is stability in central banks worldwide despite the ongoing war in Eastern Europe. As seen in most cases, banks tend to remain stable, and inflation is in control. The growth levels are satisfactory in most cases, which will reinforce different markets, including crypto. While if we look at the Chinese rates of growth, there is a decline seen this year. The Chinese premier said that they might not achieve the GDP growth of 5.5% this year.

The month of February saw difficult times due to war, and there is an increasing trend of growth in DeFi while NFTs haven’t been affected during the said period. The recovery of DeFi indicates how the market might be able to revive anytime soon. Here is a brief overview of the market situation using some significant coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

BTC lags at $38K

Bitcoin has gone through unexpected fluctuations in the past month. The sudden rise and fall in value tell of the uncertainty that the market faces these days. The big lows came to Bitcoin with the start of the Ukraine-Russia conflict, and then the invasion brought it to further lows. Since then, it has tried to regain value and shed it to stabilize itself. The level of stability for Bitcoin has been $38K, as its fluctuations have brought it to this level despite different changes.

Source: TradingView

If we analyze the data for the last 24 hours, it shows that Bitcoin has continued to suffer losses. Bitcoin has shed 5.84%  in 24 hours, while if we compare the seven-day data, it has reduced 7.36%. The current price for Bitcoin is in the $38.481.55 range.

The graph for Bitcoin shows that it tended to gain momentum this week but couldn’t continue it, thus forming a difficult trajectory. The value of the Bitcoin market cap is estimated to be $730,489,340,001. While if we look at the 24-hour trading volume, it is estimated to be $30,103,631,416. The mentioned amount can be converted to the native currency of Bitcoin, valuing 782,166 BTC.

ETH lowers to $2.5K

Ethereum has been no different from Bitcoin if we look at the impacts on its value. The latest data tells about the loss of 4.55% over the last 24 hours. While if we analyze the data for the past seven days, it shows that Ethereum has shed 6.81%. The current price for this coin is estimated to be $2,547.63.

Source: TradingView

If we look at the value of its market cap, it is estimated to be $305,603,734,861. It has also been like Bitcoin in the weekly performance as its graph shows a rise in value and then lowering to $2.5K. Both of these currencies have shed value amid the growing crisis. The value of the 24-hour trading volume for this coin is about $12,805,578,554.

The circulating supply has also been affected as it remained at 119,909,979 ETH.

STX skyrockets its value

Stacks have been completely different from other currencies in the market. It has performed better as it remained bullish, gaining 25.90% over the last 24 hours. While if we compare the data over the previous seven days, it shows gains of 19.15%. The current ranking of this coin is 52nd on the global list.

Source: TradingView

The new increases in its value have reinforced the price of Stacks which is in the $1.39 range. The market cap has also strengthened as capital has continued to flow. It is estimated to be $1,804,759,538. While if we look at the 24-hour trading volume, it is about $720,002,523. The same amount in its native currency is about 519,660,432 STX.

The circulating supply of Stacks is estimated to be 1,302,581,714 STX.

BTT fluctuating amid the changing market

BitTorrent has shed value since the crisis in Eastern Europe has started. Thus, it has impacted the price, which is $0.000001787 as per the latest updates. The 24-hour losses for this currency are about 2.12%, while the weekly losses amount to 5.25%.

Source: TradingView

The market cap for BTT is estimated to be $1,650,483,697. At the same time, the 24-hour trading volume is estimated to be $67,265,531. The circulating supply for BitTorrent over the last 24 hours remained 923,767,696,429,000 BTT.

Final Thoughts

The market is going through a transformational phase because of the political problems that the world is facing. Thus, as the result of these changes, it is unsure about the direction. Its market cap has lowered to $1.72T because of the constant reduction in the value of currencies. Though some coins remained bullish, a continuous loss of value has been witnessed. If the conflict in Eastern Europe is solved earlier, there are chances that cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, will see a speedy comeback.

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