Bitcoin, dubbed ‘exponential gold’ by Fidelity guru


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  • Jurrien Timmer labels Bitcoin as “exponential gold,” suggesting its potential as a store of value.
  • During economic downturns, Bitcoin could parallel gold’s resilience, Timmer proposes.
  • Despite Bitcoin’s price fall, Timmer maintains it has qualities of “aspirational money.”

Jurrien Timmer, the esteemed director of global macro at Fidelity, recently shared insightful analysis on Bitcoin, framing the cryptocurrency in a new light. Timmer characterizes Bitcoin as a “commodity currency” and likens it to “exponential gold,” highlighting its aspirations to become a significant store of value and a hedge against fiscal erosion.

Delving into the intrinsic qualities of gold and Bitcoin, Timmer draws a clear line between the traditional and the modern. He acknowledges gold’s historical value as a solid asset, albeit acknowledging its inefficiencies in today’s fast-paced economy. Bitcoin, meanwhile, with its decentralized nature and finite supply, mirrors many of gold’s attributes, with the added advantage of being suited for the digital era.

Timmer’s expertise illuminates Bitcoin’s positioning alongside gold, especially during periods of economic strain similar to those in the 1970s and 2000s. He notes that during such times, when inflation surges, and real rates turn negative, gold has proven resilient. Consequently, he suggests that Bitcoin may serve a parallel function in contemporary financial systems.

Additionally, Timmer reflects on the dramatic decline of Bitcoin from its peak in 2021. Despite the drop, he views the cryptocurrency as “aspirational money,” akin to the durability of gold. He recalls the aftermath of the dot-com bubble, where companies like Apple and Amazon emerged stronger, hinting at a possible parallel trajectory for Bitcoin.

However, in a balanced examination of the cryptocurrency landscape, Timmer also advises caution. He suggests that the rate of Bitcoin’s growth might not align with broader macroeconomic trends, urging investors to consider the potential disconnect.

Significantly, his insights provide a fresh perspective on Bitcoin’s place in the monetary ecosystem. It underscores the digital asset’s appeal as an investment resistant to censorship and has a predetermined scarcity.

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