Bitcoin analyst: Crypto Twitter will go bullish next week


TL; DR Breakdown

  • Bitcoin will go bullish on June 24
  • One user has a proposal to increase price to $45k in two hours
  • BTC is like the early Internet

The crypto market has been on a smooth run of late, but that doesn’t stop one Bitcoin on-chain analyst from speaking success to the coin. According to one Willy Woo, he could be taking a risk with his opinion but it’s possible that BTC will once again, and very soon, gain the upper hand against the bears. The analyst made his sentiments known in a twitter post that has attracted the attention of more pro-Bitcoin fans.

Bitcoin to the moon?

In the tweet, Willy Woo opined that Crypto Twitter could soon come back to life in support of a bullish BTC. If this happens, the crypto could quickly turn the tides against the bearish pressure and mount a launch to the moon.

A look at Bitcoin’s current market standings, as per data on CoinMarketCap, indicate that it’s still not entirely decided on whether give in to the bears or make a credible charge to the recovery range. At the time of this writing, BTC is trading at around $35.9k, a small retraction from the earlier price above $36k. Still, it’s almost 2% up in 7 days. According to the analyst, the cryptocurrency will see an increased bullish sentiment starting June 24.

How to hit $45k in two hours

It’s not uncommon for twitter users to come up with all sorts of clever proposals in favor of Bitcoin, but one particular fan on Willy Woo’s thread is sharing a seemingly very pro-active way to quickly shore up BTC’s price. Apparently, if everyone on Crypto Twitter decided to buy just $100 worth of BTC, the crypto could see an immediate increase in demand that would in turn make its price shoot up to around $45k within a few hours. Whether or not this opinion is really practical is still a matter of debate for the simple reason that it has never been tested.


BTC in Internet’s shoes

It’s fair to note that Bitcoin has managed to survive in a global market largely hostile to its kind for a whole decade despite lots of attempts being made to stifle its progress. Some may compare the apparent resistance against BTC to the early days of the Internet. At the turn of the century and following the dot.com bubble of the 90s, some people were quick to write off the internet as “just a passing fad.” History has proven them all wrong, and the same could happen in favor of Bitcoin.

Nick James

Nick James

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