Binance P2P Announces End of Support for Russian Ruble


  • Binance P2P will cease supporting Russian Ruble (RUB) trading pairs from January 31, 2024, as a result of its strategic decision to exit the Russian market and transition its operations to CommEX.
  • To accommodate users affected by this change, Binance has partnered with CommEX, allowing for a seamless transition to continue RUB trading without extra charges. Additionally, Binance also provides alternative solutions for RUB. management. 



Binance P2P, a leading global cryptocurrency exchange platform, has made a significant announcement that will impact its users, especially those dealing with Russian Ruble (RUB) transactions. Following the strategic decision to exit the Russian market with a sale to CommEX, Binance P2P has confirmed that it will discontinue supporting Russian Ruble trading pairs. The change is set to take effect from January 31, 2024

The move marks a pivotal shift in the platform’s operations and aligns with the broader trend of cryptocurrency platforms reevaluating their presence in specific markets. The discontinuation includes a range of popular trading pairs, such as USDT/RUB, BTC/RUB, FDUSD/RUB, BNB/RUB, ETH/RUB, BUSD/RUB, and RUB/RUB P2P trading pairs. The announcement underscores the evolving landscape of digital currency trading and the need for platforms to adapt to changing regulatory and market environments.

Transition to CommEX: A new avenue for RUB traders

In light of the recent changes, Binance P2P has laid out a clear pathway for its users to continue trading with Russian Rubles. The company’s decision to partner with CommEX provides an alternative platform for users to engage in P2P trading without incurring additional charges. To facilitate the transition, Users are encouraged to register or log into their CommEX accounts and link them to their existing Binance accounts.

The integration represents a strategic move to ensure a seamless transition for users who wish to continue their trading activities with RUB. The process involves a simple asset transfer from Binance to CommEX, enabling users to maintain their trading activities without significant disruption. The partnership reflects the adaptability of cryptocurrency platforms in providing solutions amidst changing market dynamics and regulatory landscapes.

Alternatives for RUB transactions on Binance

Understanding the need for flexibility and multiple options, The company has outlined alternative avenues for its users to manage their Russian Ruble holdings before the January 31, 2024 deadline. Users who prefer not to shift to CommEX have the option to withdraw their Russian Rubles through Binance’s fiat partners. The move allows users to have direct control over their funds and choose their preferred mode of withdrawal or conversion.

Additionally, The company offers the possibility to convert Russian Rubles into various cryptocurrencies using the Binance Convert feature. The tool provides a straightforward and efficient way for users to diversify their portfolios or move into different digital currencies. Lastly, the Binance Spot market remains an option for those looking to trade Russian Rubles for other cryptocurrencies. These alternatives highlight the company’s commitment to providing diverse and user-friendly solutions for its global user base.


The decision by Binance P2P to end support for Russian Ruble trading pairs reflects the dynamic nature of the global cryptocurrency market. By offering a smooth transition to CommEX and alternative options on its platform, Binance ensures that its users have ample opportunities to manage their investments and trading activities. As the digital currency landscape continues to evolve, such strategic decisions and partnerships will likely become more common, shaping the future of cryptocurrency trading worldwide.

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