Binance Labs Refutes $15M Funding Claim by SkyArk Chronicle


  • Binance Labs has publicly denied involvement in a claimed $15 million funding round by gaming platform SkyArk Chronicles, sparking controversy in the crypto industry.
  • The dispute underscores the importance of transparency and trust in the crypto space and raises questions about the accuracy of funding announcements.

In a surprising turn of events that’s currently stirring the crypto industry, Binance Labs, the venture arm of the leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance, has publicly refuted claims made by the gaming platform SkyArk Chronicles concerning a purported $15 million funding round. 

The stark contradiction between the statements of the two parties has not only ignited a controversy but also sparked a broader conversation about transparency and trust within the rapidly evolving crypto space.

The contested funding announcement

SkyArk Chronicles, a platform that prides itself on being a AAA gaming project, recently made headlines with an announcement of a triumphant $15 million investment, purportedly led by Binance Labs. The announcement quickly captured the attention of investors and crypto enthusiasts, setting the stage for a significant boost in the platform’s market credibility and investor interest. However, the narrative took an unexpected turn when Binance Labs intervened with a counter-statement, categorically denying any involvement in the alleged funding round.

The crypto community, known for its keen interest in the authenticity and transparency of investment news, found itself at the center of a swirling controversy. The original social media post by SkyArk Chronicles was swiftly removed, further thickening the plot and raising questions about the veracity of the funding claims. Binance Labs, in a clarifying statement, acknowledged its past association with SkyArk Chronicles, noting that the platform was indeed a part of its Incubation Season 3 in 2021 but firmly distanced itself from any recent financial engagements.

SkyArk’s Response and the Search for Transparency

In response to the denial from Binance Labs, SkyArk Chronicles took to the X platform to affirm its previous incubation and investment in 2021, while also asserting that the recently announced funding was the “first and only round of investment raised.” The statement, seemingly contradictory to the initial announcement, adds layers of complexity to the narrative, leaving the crypto community seeking clarity and truth in a situation mired in conflicting reports.

The controversy unfolds against the backdrop of a broader discussion about the need for transparency and accurate reporting in the crypto industry. Trust and credibility are the bedrocks of the crypto space, an industry that thrives on investor confidence and clear, transparent communication. The discrepancies in the statements from SkyArk Chronicles and Binance Labs serve as a poignant reminder of the challenges and the paramount importance of maintaining stringent standards of honesty and clarity in all communications, especially in an industry as dynamic and sensitive as cryptocurrency.

Reflections on the crypto funding landscape

The incident brings to the fore critical considerations about the nature of partnerships, the dynamics of funding, and the essential practice of due diligence in the crypto market. The initial announcement by SkyArk Chronicles had also spotlighted the participation of several notable institutions and industry figures, further amplifying the impact and reach of the contested funding round.

The situation arises amidst a period of active investment by Binance Labs, which has been diversifying its portfolio and engaging in various projects throughout 2023, signaling a robust and dynamic market activity. The crypto community, ever vigilant and keenly observant, finds itself at a juncture where the unfolding events around SkyArk Chronicles and Binance Labs could potentially serve as a case study in the importance of due diligence, the complexities of partnership dynamics, and the non-negotiable necessity of transparent, accurate disclosures in the volatile and ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency funding.

As the situation continues to develop, market watchers, investors, and industry stakeholders will undoubtedly keep a close watch, hoping for a resolution that not only sheds light on the specifics of the particular case but also reinforces the standards of transparency and trust that are so crucial to the integrity and future of the crypto industry.


The dispute between Binance Labs and SkyArk Chronicles highlights the critical need for transparency and clear communication in the crypto industry. As both entities maintain their stances, the situation emphasizes the importance of trust and accurate reporting, reminding all stakeholders in the crypto space of the values that underpin a credible and robust ecosystem.

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