Crypto exchange Binance launches $5M bounty to root out corruption among staff


  • Binance fights corruption: $5M bounty for insider info.
  • RON token listing scandal prompts Binance reforms.
  • Transparency crucial in crypto exchange integrity

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has initiated a substantial $5 million bounty program to uncover potential corrupt staff members following allegations of misconduct related to its token listing process. This move comes in response to recent accusations that suggested leaks and insider trading might be impacting the fairness of token listings on the platform.

Binance Co-Founder addresses RON token price drop controversy

In a series of posts Binance co-founder Yi He acknowledged the existence of “heated discussions” within the crypto community regarding the sharp decline in the price of Ronin (RON) immediately after its listing on the Binance exchange. 

Speculations within the community hinted at a possible leak of confidential information from within Binance, which might have influenced the token’s price negatively. However, Yi He countered these claims by asserting that blockchain data revealed Binance’s preparations for the token listing, dismissing the allegations of insider trading.

RON, the native token of a gaming-focused blockchain platform sharing the same name, had experienced a price surge of more than 30% in the week leading up to its listing on Binance. Nevertheless, its value plummeted by 18% within an hour of Binance’s official announcement and subsequently declined by over 26% in a single day.

Coinbase director raises similar concerns

The controversy surrounding the RON token listing occurred just two weeks after Conor Grogan, a director at Coinbase, made similar allegations. Grogan claimed to have identified multiple wallets exhibiting a pattern of purchasing tokens shortly before their listing on Binance, followed by the immediate sale of these tokens after the official announcements. 

He speculated that these actions could be linked to a “rogue employee” associated with Binance’s listings team or a trader taking advantage of potential test trade leaks on the exchange.

Binance’s response: A $5 million bounty program

In light of mounting concerns and to safeguard the integrity of its operations, Binance has taken decisive actions. He unveiled plans to overhaul the token listing process, introducing stricter controls on team members involved in the process. 

Any leaked information concerning upcoming projects will now result in a warning for first-time offenders, while repeat offenders will face termination.

Binance has introduced a substantial financial incentive to encourage individuals to come forward with information regarding corrupt staff members or unethical activities. The exchange will offer bounties ranging from $10,000 to an impressive $5 million for anyone providing verifiable evidence of corruption within Binance, whether related to the token listing process or any other aspect of the exchange’s operations.

Blacklisting and background checks

To maintain the highest standards of integrity among projects associated with Binance, the exchange has implemented a policy to permanently blacklist projects that hire employees dismissed from the exchange due to corruption. 

This measure aims to prevent any potential affiliation with corrupt staff members and encourages projects looking to collaborate with Binance to undergo background checks.

Tightening external communications

To prevent sensitive information from being leaked prematurely, Binance will reinforce its external communication protocols. Yi He issued a stern warning that token listings may be canceled if listing information is disclosed before the official announcements. This underscores the exchange’s commitment to preserving fairness and transparency in its operations.

Acknowledging the potential vulnerability to automated trading systems that may exploit listing announcements, Binance has committed to enhancing its technical monitoring capabilities. Despite encrypting its token listing announcements, the exchange recognizes the need to remain vigilant against potential automated trading based on leaked information.

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