Binance Introduces New Custody Options for Major Traders Amid Regulatory Shifts


  • Binance is enabling its major traders to store assets with independent banks like Sygnum Bank and FlowBank, offering enhanced security and regulated custody options, diverging from the traditional practice of holding assets on the exchange or through its custody partner, Ceffu.
  • Despite facing legal and regulatory challenges, Binance’s market position shows signs of resilience, with the new banking partnerships reflecting its commitment to trust, confidentiality, and adapting to the sophisticated needs of its users in the evolving cryptocurrency landscape.

In a significant move aimed at enhancing the security and flexibility of asset management for its users, Binance, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges, has reportedly started allowing its larger traders to store their assets with independent banks. 

The strategic shift, as reported by the Financial Times, marks a departure from the conventional practice where traders were primarily confined to holding their assets on the exchange or through the company’s custody partner, Ceffu.

Strategic banking partnerships

The initiative involves prominent banking institutions, including Switzerland’s Sygnum Bank and FlowBank. The development follows Binance’s announcement in November about a pilot banking triparty agreement with an unnamed third-party banking partner. The move is seen as a response to the growing demand for more secure and regulated asset custody options, especially in the wake of various challenges and uncertainties in the crypto exchange domain.

A crypto trading firm’s head highlighted the perceived safety of the new arrangement, stating, “I’d much rather park my money with a Swiss bank than Binance,” emphasizing the added security and regulatory oversight provided by such banking institutions.

Sygnum Bank’s response to the Financial Times indicated a proactive approach to addressing client concerns, particularly regarding the counterparty risks associated with trading on crypto exchanges. The bank expressed its commitment to designing solutions that align with the evolving needs and risk considerations of its clients.

Binance’s commitment to trust and confidentiality

In light of these developments, a Binance spokesperson emphasized the importance of trust and confidentiality in their relationships with banking partners and institutional investors. The spokesperson affirmed the company’s dedication to engaging with various partners and exploring new opportunities within a framework that meets the expectations of institutional participants.

However, the backdrop to the strategic shift is not devoid of challenges. The company has faced a tumultuous year, marked by a substantial $4.3 billion settlement with U.S. authorities, addressing allegations of money laundering and sanctions violations. The settlement, one of the largest in corporate history, concluded a criminal investigation and led to significant changes in Binance’s leadership and operational structure.

Market dynamics and resilience

Despite these legal and regulatory hurdles, data from industry analysts like Kaiko and The Block’s data dashboard indicate a nuanced picture of Binance’s market position. While Binance’s market share among non-USD exchanges experienced fluctuations, dropping to a low of 44% around the time of the settlement, there are signs of resilience and recovery. 

Factors such as zero-fee promotions and the buzz around spot bitcoin ETFs have contributed to a rebound in Binance’s market share, underscoring the platform’s adaptability and enduring appeal among traders.


Binance’s decision to allow major traders to hold their assets with reputable banks like Sygnum Bank and FlowBank reflects a strategic adaptation to the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency trading and custody. The move, set against a backdrop of regulatory challenges and market shifts, signifies Binance’s commitment to enhancing the security, trust, and flexibility of its platform, catering to the sophisticated needs of its user base while navigating the complex terrain of global financial regulations.

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