Binance CEO CZ confirms lightning network’s scalability and transactions advances

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  • Binance’s Bitcoin Lightning Network integration promises fast deposits and withdrawals. CEO Changpeng Zhao CZ affirmed. Due to a high amount of BTC withdrawals on May 8, Binance adopted the Lightning Network.
  • By using the Lightning Network, Binance can make Bitcoin transfers faster and more scalable, improving the user experience. 
  • Binance substituted lower-fee BTC withdrawal transactions to fix the issue.

Binance has promised rapid deposits and withdrawals by integrating the Bitcoin Lightning Network. These reports have been confirmed by the CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ). On May 8, Binance experienced difficulties due to a high volume of pending BTC withdrawals, prompting the exchange to embrace the Lightning Network.

CEO of Binance on the exchange’s rapid growth

The Lightning Network (LN) is a “layer 2” payment system built on top of Bitcoin to enable quicker, more affordable transactions between nodes and handle BTC scaling issues, all with the intention of improving user experience and, potentially, encouraging more widespread Bitcoin adoption.

Binance’s continued integration is projected to increase further Bitcoin Lightning’s usage, which has been continuously increasing over the past year, according to data from DeFiLlama, reaching a record high of 5,700 BTC as of June 20.


Earlier today, Binance in a tweet stated that it will support the Lightning Network for Bitcoin (BTC). The exchange was forced to reveal its true intentions once users discovered its Lightning Nodes.

Binance has admitted that it has begun working on the integration, but there is still a long way to go before it is finished. The largest crypto exchange by trading volume has consistently advocated for new developments that introduce cryptos to a broader audience.

By using the Lightning Network, Binance can make Bitcoin transfers faster and more scalable, improving the user experience. Binance is expected to give a full merger update soon.

Users will save money on transaction costs and get paid faster, making things more accessible and efficient overall. Also, the Lightning Network’s ability to work off-chain makes Bitcoin more scalable and addresses worries about network congestion and slow transactions.

According to a GitHub repository by LN enthusiast David Coen, Binance is planning to integrate Lightning alongside Bitfinex, Kraken, and OKX, making it one of the largest trading exchanges to do so.

Binance innovation in the midst of crackdowns

Despite the trading platform’s innovative nature, it has come under fire from regulators in the United States and worldwide on multiple occasions. Two U.S. regulatory organizations are presently looking into the Binance exchange: the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has awarded the trading platform’s application to be deregistered in the United Kingdom. Several of the markets in which the exchange operates, such as Cyprus and the Netherlands, have continued to present formidable obstacles.

Throughout it all, the crypto exchange has remained innovative to aid its community in keeping its attention on operational matters rather than the distracting legal proceedings it is involved in. This feeling could be used to justify the upcoming integration of the Lightning Network.

Binance’s response to the BTC withdrawal issues

Binance typically adopts innovations reasonably quickly. CEO Changpeng CZ Zhao acknowledged that they had been unusually slow this time.

However, in recent times there has been a lot of demand for the ability to remove one’s cash from centralized exchanges to store them in non-custodial wallets, and for this to go successfully, quick and inexpensive transactions are required. 

In light of this requirement, it is clear that the option to deposit and withdraw BTC over Lightning Network from exchanges is in high demand. 

It’s important to remember that only a small fraction of marketplaces support LN integration and user adoption. Both Bitfinex and Kraken have implemented these kinds of functionality, but to our knowledge, they are the only two significant exchanges to do so. 

To resolve the issue, the crypto exchange substituted the pending BTC withdrawal transactions with lower fees. This ensured that these new transactions would be added to mining pools and eventually confirmed on the blockchain.

Later in the day, they tweeted about strategies for enabling the BTC Lightning Network to prevent a repeat of the incident.

Investors can look forward to when Bitcoin transactions are faster, cheaper, and available to a broader audience worldwide as development proceeds and more exchanges and wallets join the Lightning Network. The Lightning Network’s continual improvements indicate the industry’s restless pursuit of a more scalable and efficient decentralized financial environment, which the Lightning Network partly drives.

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