Biden’s family bagged $20m from shady foreign sources


  • US House Oversight Committee reveals Biden family bank records.
  • Records show over $20 million from foreign sources, notably Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine.
  • Funds linked to dinners in Washington attended by Joe Biden when he was Vice President.

Joe Biden’s family has lately been under the intense scrutiny of the ever-watchful public eye. The US House Oversight Committee’s recent disclosure has thrown the financial dealings of the Biden family into a tempest of questions.

A whopping $20 million sourced from foreign entities has added another layer to the unfolding political drama.

Hunter Biden’s financial dance with foreign entities

Delving into the nitty-gritty, a closer look at the bank records reveals transactions that extend beyond domestic confines. The tentacles of these financial dealings reach as far as Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine.

These countries have, collectively, been a source of more than $20 million in income for the Biden family. Hunter Biden, the President’s son, emerges as the focal point of these dealings.

His commercial activities with these foreign bodies have been charted extensively, offering some clarity to the flow of funds. However, the backdrop to these transactions is intriguing.

James Comer, the committee’s chairman, hints at a trade not in services or goods, but in influence and access. The exchange, according to the records, appears to have been orchestrated during Joe Biden’s tenure as Vice President.

Dinners, deals, and questions of influence

Central to this controversy are various dinners in Washington, a hotspot for political discourse. Joe Biden, during his time as Vice President, is alleged to have been present at these gatherings.

The attendees? Associates of foreign entities. What they brought to the table was not just exotic dishes, but also fat checks that found their way to his son’s bank accounts.

These dinners have raised more than eyebrows. With the funds being linked to high-profile dinners at places like Cafe Milano, the implication is clear. The Biden brand, represented by Joe and Hunter, seems to have been a lucrative lure for oligarchs from across borders.

The real issue, however, isn’t just the money. If it were, the story would have been a simple case of high-profile transactions. The crux lies in James Comer’s allegations that Joe Biden was in the loop.

If this stands, it implies that the then-Vice President consciously allowed his office’s influence to be traded for financial gains.

A nation’s security and a president’s integrity

The unfolding scenario poses two pivotal questions: Is President Biden compromised? And, in extension, is the nation’s security hanging by a thread? The Oversight Committee isn’t resting on its findings. Their probe is still in full swing, aiming to peel back further layers of this intricate narrative.

Their objective is clear: to discern the extent of foreign influence, if any, on the nation’s highest office. Witness testimonies will be paramount in this regard.

The committee’s pursuit is to understand whether the President’s past financial ties, as suggested by the bank records, have any bearing on his present role.

Bottomline is the revelations provide fodder for some tough questions for Biden and his family. While the Oversight Committee continues its probe, the nation awaits clarity.

The narrative isn’t just about $20 million; it’s about the integrity of an office, the trust of a nation, and the security of its people.

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