BestStartup.eu Names English Forward among the Top Maltese Blockchain Startups

English Forward Top Maltese Blockchain Startups

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BestStartup.eu features English Forward in its list of the top 39 Maltese blockchain startups in 2020, an exclusive roster of the most successful European blockchain companies over the previous year.

Since the mid-50s, when the information age first emerged onto the scene, it has pioneered the next stage of human evolution. The turn of the 21st century coincided with a change of guard, with the industrial age officially ceding its position to tech startups and multinational companies. Since then, we have seen startups with innovative ideas that have changed the course of history forever. Some have even enjoyed so much success that they now compete with traditional economic giants and state-owned enterprises—for example, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, AT&T, Udemy, to mention but a few.

Annually, BestStartup.eu rewards the most successful startups within European territories. Its Top 10 list features the startups that push the limits of innovation to solve critical problems and challenges. BestStartup.eu is managed by Fupping LTD, a London-based media company. It aims to accelerate the growth of the foremost EU companies, businesses, and innovations by promoting them to a global audience. This year, English Forward makes this list for its exploits in advancing the global learning system.

English Forward is the largest online English learning community that helps students learn and polish their English language writing and speaking skills. Learning has gone beyond the four walls of a classroom in the information age. More people rely on the internet for education than at any time in history. However, non-English speakers are at a significant disadvantage compared to their English-speaking peers. According to a Wikipedia report on March 3, 2021, over 60% of the helpful information on the internet is in the English language. Meanwhile, only 25% of internet users understand the language. Hence, most internet users do not have access to the information that they need to improve themselves.

2020 saw an advancement in the English Forward vision.It  went through a rebranding to match its new identity and  the plans it has to implement blockchain technology on the platform. 

The features offered by Forward Protocol are what English Forward has been missing to modernize its platform. By the same token (pun intended), English Forward enables Forward Protocol to actualize and further develop its vision of a novel, widely adapted learning model.

Forward Protocol aims to democratize and decentralize education by reforming and redefining learning on the blockchain. It rewards participation and motivates excellence with an “earn as you learn” model for learners and the opportunity of an active and passive income for experts. This vision is achievable by creating an education framework that institutions and organizations can use to incentivize knowledge transfer. All of these processes are run efficiently using the core feature of blockchains – smart contracts.

Malta is a friendly, business-safe environment of natural English-speakers that offers one of the most enticing spots in Europe for startups and companies. The in-flux of potential investors makes it a hotspot for talent. Hence, English Forward’s inclusion in this list is an accomplishment that makes everyone associated with English Forward and Forward Protocol proud. 

Humbled by this latest recognition, English Forward is ready to deliver on the global status that BestStartup.eu has helped it attain. It also remains committed to its role as a frontier in maximizing humanity’s potential and the efforts to push the limits of innovation, science, and technology through learning.

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