2FA authentication? Beeple’s Discord compromised with a fake NFT drop


TL; DR Breakdown

  • Hackers forge Beeple’s announcement to coincide with the next one.
  • Several fans thought they were up for a better-priced NFT drop.

Beeple’s users have lost almost 40 ETH after the popular digital artist official Discord channel of Mike Winkelmann was compromised. The perpetrators posted an NFT auction in the artist’s name. The users thought they were signing up for a low-cost NFT drop by Winkelmann. 

The imposters impersonated the admin and the group broadcasting bots to advertise a forged NFT drop from Beeple on Nifty Gateway. The announcement corresponded with the upcoming one.

An admin from the official Discord group known as “Multi” confirmed that unknown people had compromised them overnight. It is a surprise that Beeple has the 2FA authentication but was still compromised.

How it went down at Beeple’s

The pretend NFT drop seemed real. This is so because Beeple likes executing another drop on making achievements from his first NFT sale. 

Fans follow the Discord channel and Beeple’s Twitter keenly. They always expect that they could get affordable NFTs. In this case, several people must have been alert. When they saw the fake announcement, they believed it to be genuine.

One user known as NFT Simon noted that his Metamask wallet is open and always ready to make a move. He confessed that when the announcement popped, he did not blink twice. It was on the Official Beeple Discord and the authentic Beeple Bot. Moreover, it had a link to a Nifty Gateway website. The user made his way to mint without wasting time to gain much from there.

NFT Simon took in over five fake Beeple NFTs. However, he could not view them on his Nifty account. When he went to the Beeple’s Discord, he was surprised to find some writings in caps. There were various Gifs of nude guys coming from several users. At this point, it was clear that it was a scam.

Hackers take off with about 40 ETH 

The real Beeple’s admin gained access an hour later, but it was too late. They could not block the suspicious wallet but reported the incident to Binance

The wallet that stole money has under $10,000. Most users have been calm, but they cannot believe how they got scammed in the trap.

Simon NFT said that he doesn’t own any Beeple, which doesn’t sit right with him. However, he noted that Beeple backed the community once when they smashed Makers Place. Simon NFT believes Beeple will make the path right for the fans. He stressed that having Beeples is a better option for him than ETH. Generally, users suggest that proper communication for such auctions is needed to avoid such scams in the future.

Just recently, Beeple artwork was sold as an NFT for almost $70 million. This placed Beeple among the top three precious living artists.

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