Bank of America customer considers legal action over allegedly lost certificate of deposit


  • Enid Bavard bought a $10,000 CD in 1997 to fund her son’s college, but now it’s allegedly lost by Bank of America.
  • Despite searching, the bank claims they can’t find records of Enid’s CD, prompting her to consider legal action.
  • Enid’s case highlights the importance of safeguarding financial records and transparency in banking practices.

In a concerning turn of events, a Bank of America (BofA) customer, Enid Bavard, finds herself embroiled in a dispute with the banking giant after the alleged loss of a significant financial asset. 

Enid Bavard, a Florida-based realtor, asserts that her $10,000 Certificate of Deposit (CD), purchased in 1997 to fund her son’s college education, has seemingly vanished from the bank’s records.

The disappearance of a valuable asset

Enid Bavard’s ordeal began when she sought to cash out her CD, only to be informed by BofA that they had no records of her account. Despite her efforts to trace the CD through various channels, including the Florida Unclaimed Funds Account, Enid’s quest for her missing asset has yielded no fruitful results. The bank’s response, citing a seven-year record-keeping policy, further compounded her frustration.

Upon inquiry by media outlets, including Fox network affiliate WSVN, Bank of America maintained its stance, stating that despite a comprehensive search, they could not locate any record of Enid Bavard’s CD within their available records. 

Despite this setback, Enid Bavard remains resolute in pursuing what she believes to be rightfully hers. Determined to reclaim her investment, she intends to pursue legal action against BofA.

Legal recourse in the face of adversity

Enid Bavard’s decision to pursue legal action underscores the seriousness of the situation and raises questions about accountability and consumer protection within the banking sector. 

As the dispute unfolds, it highlights the importance of safeguarding financial records and ensuring transparency in banking practices. Enid’s case is a cautionary tale for other consumers, highlighting the potential risks of relying solely on financial institutions to safeguard valuable assets.

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