Balancer DeFi protocol faces another attack: Over $238,000 in cryptocurrency allegedly stolen

Balancer DeFi protocol faces another attack Over $238,000 in cryptocurrency allegedly stolen

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  • Balancer’s front end was targeted in an attack, leading to user wallets being drained via a malicious contract.
  • This is the second major security incident in a month for Defi protocol, with an earlier vulnerability leading to a $2 million exploit.

In a distressing development for the cryptocurrency community, the Ethereum-based decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol, Balancer, recently faced a serious security breach. This comes just weeks after Balancer warned its users of a critical vulnerability. The platform has now again urged its users to refrain from interacting with its interface due to this new attack.

Sophisticated attack targeting user wallets

It appears that the attackers specifically targeted Balancer’s front end. Although the exact details are still being unraveled, users have reported that when attempting to interact with the website, they’re being prompted to engage with a malicious contract. This deceptive contract, once approved, reportedly initiates a transaction that drains the user’s wallet.

One distressed user shared their experience, cautioning others: “If you open the website it asks you to change the chain, where you hold the most amount of money. After that scam transaction is sent, and after confirmation money is gone. Don’t open the website!!!”

With the rapid expansion of the DeFi ecosystem and the complex smart contract mechanisms that underpin it, it’s evident that even seemingly secure platforms like Balancer can become targets for sophisticated cyber-attacks.

Analysts estimate a hefty loss

While Balancer has remained tight-lipped regarding the financial implications of the attack, prominent blockchain security firms and analysts have attempted to estimate the damage. PeckShield, a renowned security firm, along with blockchain analyst ZachXBT, estimates that at least $238,000 worth of cryptocurrency has been stolen. This figure is alarming, especially when considering that this isn’t Balancer’s first security breach.

Balancer contributor, Cosme Fulanito, attempted to assuage users’ concerns by confirming that Balancer’s vault remains “100% fine.” Yet, with the amount allegedly siphoned off, many in the community are anxiously waiting for more official clarifications from the platform.

A troubling month for balancer

The frequency of these attacks is particularly concerning. Just last month, Balancer had to alert its users about a critical vulnerability. Shortly after this revelation, the protocol experienced an exploit related to this vulnerability, which reportedly cost them an estimated $2 million.

In an official post on Aug. 27, Balancer acknowledged the exploit, stating, “Balancer is aware of an exploit related to the vulnerability below.” The platform’s team added that they had taken substantial mitigation measures that significantly reduced risks. However, they also pointed out that affected liquidity pools couldn’t be paused at the time, urging users to “withdraw from affected LPs” as a precaution.

As the dust begins to settle, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the risks associated with the rapidly evolving DeFi sector. Users and platforms alike must exercise extreme caution, regularly reviewing and updating security protocols. The challenge for DeFi platforms like Balancer is not just about restoring lost funds, but also about rebuilding trust in a community that values transparency, security, and resilience.


The recent security breaches at Balancer serve as a critical lesson for both DeFi platforms and their users. As the cryptocurrency sector continues to grow in complexity and value, the potential rewards for attackers also increase. Platforms must remain vigilant and proactive in updating their security measures, while users should stay informed and exercise caution when engaging in DeFi activities. 

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