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Axie Infinity is the most searched NFT according to Design Bundle

Axie Infinity

TL;DR Breakdown

• Design Bundle explains why AXIE has so sought after.
• Sandbox and SAND compete with Axie Infinity on Google search.

Recently the art agency Design Bundle released its list of popular NFTs, including the famous video game Axie Infinity. In the selection, the company focused on the NFT‘s popularity on the internet and the number of searches. According to reports, the video game AXIE gathered around 3.86 million searches.

Axie Infinity would correspond to a PTE video game that works through purchasing, training, confrontations, and selling monsters called AXIEs. It is a video game with a good reputation that has allowed its investors in Asia, Europe, and Latin America to earn thousands of dollars.

Research agency lists AXIE as one of the best NFT video games

Axie Infinity

AXIE is a combat video game with children’s animations that debuted in March 2018. The video game falls into the NFT category knowing that Axis can be sold as digital pieces for an individual collection. Axie Infinity fans will purchase three unique pieces between $100 and $200 maximum.

The video game is notable for having a finite number of AXIEs that have different battle abilities. Since the game was launched, different value auctions have been seen. For example, two years ago, an AXIE was auctioned for around 300 Ethereum, which would correspond to approximately $130000 with the token’s value at the time.

Design Bundle also indicates that Sandbox and NBA Prime Shot are number two and three on the list, respectively. However, the search clicks of the competing video games only reach 553000, which is a much lower figure than Axie Infinity.

Update on the Axie Infinity video game

Although the research agency catalogs Axie Infinity as the best video game of all time, the reality is that today’s game is not that popular. After the fall of the auctions in AXIEs, the company that manages the video game was lost, which affected the user experience. Today AXIE is not profitable for older players, which has prevented new fans from joining the metaverse.

The developments of multiple virtual universes have allowed NFTs to gain presence in 2021 and previous years. According to reports, AXIE would correspond to one of the first virtual universes linked to the non-fungible market and the most successful. However, it is essential to know that there are better games than AXIE that promise high-caliber fun and profits to their investors.

While Design Bundle catapults AXIE to success, NFT commerce continues to show an uncertain landscape where new virtual pieces are expected to be launched. Other PTE games similar to AXIE are Plants vs. Undead, which has very high popularity, and the Korean video game Mir4. The last-mentioned launched a new NFT investment package that looks promising.

Carisbel Guaramato

Carisbel Guaramato

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