Avalanche blockchain unveils new tool to enhance communications within its network 


  • Avalanche has launched Teleporter, a tool designed to improve communication between its application-specific chains (subnets), utilizing Avalanche Warp Messaging (AWM).
  • The tool enables the sharing of tokens, NFTs, and oracle price feed data across Avalanche subnets, following the Durango upgrade on Avalanche’s mainnet.
  • Teleporter provides an EVM-compatible interface for Solidity developers, facilitating seamless contract invocations across any Avalanche subnet, aiming to enhance network cohesion and interoperability.

Avalanche has unveiled Teleporter, a new tool aimed at enhancing communication within its network of application-specific chains, also known as subnets. 

This development is targeted at mitigating ecosystem fragmentation, ensuring a more cohesive operation across Avalanche’s network. Teleporter leverages the capabilities of Avalanche Warp Messaging (AWM), which also went live today on Avalanche’s EVM-compatible network, the C-Chain.

Teleporter’s launch is a response to the subnet functionality introduced to Avalanche in 2022, which facilitated the creation of custom app chains across different sectors. The tool enables the sharing of diverse data types, including tokens, NFTs, and oracle price feed data across subnets within the Avalanche ecosystem. This initiative follows the recent Durango upgrade on Avalanche’s mainnet, which set the stage for Teleporter’s operational capabilities.

Enhancing interoperability with Avalanche Warp messaging

Patrick O’Grady, VP of Platform Engineering at Ava Labs, elaborated on the functionality enabled by the Durango Upgrade. He highlighted that subnets can now natively communicate with the C-Chain through Avalanche Warp Messaging. Teleporter encapsulates this functionality within an EVM-compatible interface, allowing Solidity developers to execute arbitrary contract invocations across any Avalanche subnet. This development represents a significant step forward in facilitating seamless interactions and data sharing across the platform’s various subnets.

The introduction of Teleporter is poised to enhance the Avalanche ecosystem’s interoperability, simplifying the process for developers to create and deploy applications that can communicate across the network’s subnets. This tool marks an advancement in Avalanche’s efforts to unify its network and improve the efficiency and efficacy of its blockchain infrastructure.

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