ARTECHOUSE’s ‘World of AI•magination’ Blends Human Creativity and Technology


  • ARTECHOUSE’s ‘World of AI•magination’ merges art and tech, offering a captivating sensory journey.
  • Six distinct scenes, including GAN Mecca and the Infinite Maze, blur lines between human and AI creativity.
  • Visitors explore boundless possibilities in a family-friendly setting beneath Chelsea Market, New York City.

ARTECHOUSE, a prominent name in digital and experiential art, has unveiled its latest immersive exhibition, “World of AI•magination,” which celebrates the convergence of human creativity and artificial intelligence. This exhibit, launched on December 1, 2023, offers an entrancing audio-visual journey that showcases the boundless potential of imagination.

A mesmerizing experience

Visitors to “World of AI•magination” are greeted with a captivating display of vivid images in a cozy yet spacious setting. Participants can either sit or recline on the floor, absorbing psychedelic-style projections on the walls, accompanied by original music. Benches are available for those who prefer a different perspective.

ARTECHOUSE’s custom Generative AI systems

Behind the scenes, this exhibition leverages custom generative AI systems to craft all original visual elements for this expansive experiential installation. While the exhibit is relatively compact, it delivers an impressive sensory experience. However, individuals prone to motion sickness should exercise caution, as some visuals are in constant motion.

The focal point of the exhibition is a 20-minute cinematic voyage aptly named “World of AI•magination.” It invites guests to embark on a journey through six distinct scenes, each a fusion of the familiar and the innovative. These scenes encompass:

– GAN Mecca: Drawing inspiration from artists M.C. Escher and Zaha Hadid, this scene unfolds as a tribute to their artistic vision.

– Submerge: A visual and auditory immersion that delves into the depths of creativity.

– *Library of magical portals: Colossal books beckon visitors with dreams and algorithms, inviting them into a world of possibilities.

– Symphony of illusions: A mesmerizing showcase of ever-morphing visuals and sounds.

– Infinite maze: An exploration of intricate and never-ending pathways.

– The dreamer’s emporium: A dynamic collaboration between human ingenuity and AI, where creativity knows no bounds.

Pushing boundaries in art and technology

Sandro Kereselidze, founder and chief creative officer of ARTECHOUSE, shared his enthusiasm for this innovative intersection of art and technology. “At ARTECHOUSE, we’ve always strived to bring the future of art into the present,” he stated. “With ‘World of AI•magination,’ we continue our collaboration between human creativity and machine learning tools to explore new expressions in today’s dynamic art landscape, inviting everyone to experience a glimpse of boundless possibilities of the innovative age of artificial imagination.”

Creating “World of AI•magination” involved extensive research and development. ARTECHOUSE Studio worked with collaborators in various fields, including software and machine learning development, visual leadership, original music composition, and sound design. The use of NVIDIA hardware and cutting-edge generative AI tools allowed for the development of over a million unique data points.

Immersive gallery and cutting-edge technology

ARTECHOUSE prides itself on offering a unique art platform with its intimate digital art space. It boasts the largest seamless megapixel count projections among cultural institutions and integrates Hyperreal Sound technology, providing visitors and artists with a state-of-the-art experience.

“World of AI•magination” is designed to be a family-friendly attraction, ensuring that visitors of all ages can enjoy the immersive journey it offers. After exploring the exhibition, visitors can conveniently grab a meal at the nearby Chelsea Market, enhancing their overall experience.

An intersection of art and technology

ARTECHOUSE’s “World of AI•magination” stands as a testament to the ever-evolving relationship between art and technology. The exhibition seamlessly blends human creativity with AI-generated visuals and sounds, inviting visitors to explore the limitless possibilities of the art world in the digital age.

“World of AI•magination” at ARTECHOUSE is more than just an exhibition; it’s a sensory voyage that showcases the incredible potential of human creativity and artificial intelligence. With its mesmerizing scenes, cutting-edge technology, and commitment to pushing the boundaries of art, it offers a unique and immersive experience for art enthusiasts and families alike. Visitors are encouraged to embark on this journey through the “World of AI•magination” and witness the fusion of art and technology in action.

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