Argentina’s central bank director backs digital peso initiative

Dollarization will be the downfall of Argentina


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  • Juan Agustín D’Attellis Noguera of Banco Central de la República Argentina endorses the digital peso concept.
  • Economy Minister Sergio Massa envisions the CBDC as a remedy for Argentina’s economic challenges.
  • Through CBDC, the Argentine government aims to enhance tax revenue without raising rates.

Juan Agustín D’Attellis Noguera, a key figure at Banco Central de la República Argentina, has put his weight behind the “digital peso.” This move comes in tandem with Economy Minister Sergio Massa’s vision of leveraging a central bank digital currency (CBDC) to solve the nation’s fiscal issues.

In a recent television appearance, Noguera highlighted the merits of the proposed CBDC. He emphasized its traceability as its most significant advantage. The CBDC, he believes, will shed light on the nation’s numerous transactions. This clarity doesn’t necessarily identify individual transactors but confirms the transaction’s occurrence. Consequently, he opines that this increased visibility will widen the tax net. This could result in more revenue being collected without any tax rate hikes. Additionally, this could pave the way for potential reductions in tax rates.

Besides the taxation advantage, Noguera touched upon another pressing matter. For a while, Argentina has grappled with its local currency’s instability. The Argentine peso, volatile as it is, often finds itself juxtaposed with the formidable US dollar, even in local transactions. By introducing the CBDC, Noguera hopes to address this recurring monetary challenge.

Furthermore, there’s a blueprint for the digital peso’s inception. The central bank plans to adopt a phased approach, initially ensuring the CBDC and cash coexist. The ultimate goal, however, is to phase out the paper fiat currency entirely, transitioning to a purely digital economy.

Noguera’s firm stance echoes the sentiments of Sergio Massa, who is also vying for the presidential office. On October 2, Massa committed to ushering in the CBDC to combat Argentina’s persistent inflation woes. Interestingly, the election landscape sees Massa slightly behind another contender, Javier Milei. Milei, a staunch pro-Bitcoin supporter, advocates adopting the U.S. dollar as Argentina’s primary currency.

However, given the current dynamics and the potential benefits of a CBDC, Argentina may be on the brink of a monetary transformation. A move towards a digital economy is the change the nation needs to stabilize and thrive.

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