Apex Legends Fans Accused the Developers for Using AI Art

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  • Apex Legends fans have accused the game’s developers of using AI-generated art in the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth event.
  • The gaming community, including artists, has reacted with concern and disappointment to these allegations.
  • Neither Respawn Entertainment nor EA has yet responded to the claims about AI art usage in Apex Legends’ promotional materials.

In a surprising turn of events, Apex Legends’ loyal fanbase has raised eyebrows over what they believe to be AI-generated art used in the game’s promotional content for the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth crossover. This intriguing development first came to light following the event’s announcement at the 2023 Video Game Awards, sparking a wave of discussions and debates.

The Apex Legends community’s reaction

The gaming community, including artists and gamers alike, has been vocal about their concerns. The issue has struck a chord particularly with those who value the creativity and hard work of human artists. Elevate KOOBI, a respected artist in the Rainbow Six Siege community, shared his dismay, highlighting the developers’ previous collaborations with talented artists and questioning the new direction. This situation has opened up a broader conversation about the role and ethics of AI in the creative process of the gaming industry.

Waiting for an official response

So far, there has been complete been radio silence from Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts (EA), the parent companies behind Apex Legends. The gaming world is currently on tenterhooks, waiting to get an official statement from the developers. Considering how big Apex Legends is, an official response from the developers can potentially influence the future role of AI in game development and marketing. However, the current silence has only fueled more speculation and anticipation in the community.

Here’s what happened

Denk, in a social media post, criticized the developers for relying on AI art instead of employing human artists, a move he described as a devaluation of human creativity for profit. He supported his claim with screenshots from the Apex Legends x FF7 Rebirth trailer, highlighting elements he believed were AI-generated. This accusation has led to discussions among various online, where many artists and gamers are expressing their views on the matter.

Community artist Elevate KOOBI, who is known for his work in the Rainbow Six Siege community has also expressed his disappointment. The disappointment is made worse by the fact that Apex Legends has previously collaborated with many developers and talented artists. Other people in the industry have also echoed the same sentiment. It’s not just kOOBI, but other artists in the industry also view the potential use of AI in this context as a threat to artistic integrity and employment.

The use of AI in video game development is not new. However, its application in creating art for promotional materials is a relatively unexplored territory. This incident has brought to light the need for a discussion on the ethical boundaries of AI use in creative industries. While AI offers efficiency and cost-effectiveness, it also raises concerns about originality and the value of human artistic expression.

The response from the developers and publishers of Apex Legends is eagerly awaited by the community. Their stance on this issue sets a precedent for how AI is used in the gaming industry. As the debate continues, it remains to be seen how the industry will balance the innovative capabilities of AI with the cherished value of human creativity.


The Apex Legends community’s accusation of AI art use in the FF7 Rebirth crossover event has opened up a critical dialogue about the role of AI in the gaming industry. While the full impact of this incident is to be seen yet, it is clear that the conversation around AI and human creativity in the gaming world is far from over. The industry, along with its audience, is at a crossroads, deciding the path it will take in this new era of technological advancement.

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