Anubis malware: a malicious crypto wallet on the prowl

Anubis Malware

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Reports claim a new Anubis malware that was created has entered into the crypto space and is in turn threatening most wallets in the space.

The malware which goes by the name Anubis was recently developed and has been modified for 100% effectiveness. 

The Anubis malware is presently going around on the internet and is being put on sale on the dark web for a substantial amount of money. All the information from the formation to the movement of the virus and the subsequent sale on the dark web was brought to the notice of the general public by the Microsoft Intelligence team. 

Anubis uses the forked code from the Loki malware to steal the wallets info as well as credit card info and others.

Microsoft Intelligence team warns the general public about the new malware

Giving their official statement, Microsoft said: 

The new Anubis malware that we reported to have been engineered and was sold in the dark web in the early parts of July is now available for sale all over the web. 

It should be noted that this new Anubis malware is not the same Anubis that is being used to steal banking details. This Anubis malware is now in the league of other malware that has been threatening digital assets since inception. Reports claim that the malware is now being downloaded from different websites by unsuspecting traders and investors.

Anubis malware compromise info from internet users who try to upload information to the web

Notably, it was said that this new Anubis malware works by the use of an HTTP POST command which is a self requested data by the internet. In a simple form, this happens when a particular person is either uploading a file on the web or trying to submit a recently completed form

In the report, it stated that the details gotten from the actions mentioned above will be stolen and sent to the C2 server. Furthermore, the report states that the most protected information like wallet details, passwords would be automatically compromised.

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