Ukrainian Developer Andriy Kostiushko Announces Threads of War: A Unique Collaboration


  • Innovative Collaboration: Ukrainian developer and his 11-year-old son Andriy Kostiushko are collaborating to produce Threads of War, a moving game inspired by the current Ukraine war.
  • Artistic Tribute: Threads of War gives players both the traditional Ukrainian embroidery pattern and a distinct original design. Its graphics present Ukrainian culture in a very vivid and authentic way.
  • Gaming for Good: With 25% of its income donated to the Ukrainian armed forces, Threads of War combines playing with a noble goal, presenting that the gaming community can be set and determined.


World-famous Ukrainian game developer Andriy Kostiushko has just recently introduced his new achievement- Threads of War, the fascinating roguelite tank game with a captivating artistic twist to it. What distinguishes this project from the others is that it is not the work of Kostiushko alone but of the whole team consisting of his son who is 11 years old, who does the programming. The game Threads of War is designed to be a compelling game given all that continues to take place in Ukraine and the gaming style of it is a combination of the classics and the modern.

Weaving into the world of war is when the movie’s unique perspective.

Though Andriy Kostushek was established as a founder of the famous soccer strategy game Football, Tactics & Glory, Threads of War brings different things like themes and gameplay engine. The scenario of the current Ukrainian war will be taken as a reference and Kostiushko’s son and will create a narrative that highlights Ukraine’s fight back for freedom amid the ongoing war.

Ukrainian embroidery as an art motive.

One of the major things that appeared in Threads of War is the visual aesthetics of this art which includes the patterns and colors that were used in traditional Ukrainian embroidery. As well as providing the game with a distinctive and eye-opening visual aesthetic, this artistic choice also serves as a passionate tribute to the country’s extensive cultural heritage.

Gameplay mechanics: A combination of both past and future.

Threads of War’s gameplay involves mechanics grounding it in the classic tank battler Battle City, but Kostiushko and his son have made great efforts in designing them to resemble and move with the time. The game will be based on roguelite mechanics with bonuses earned during runs unlocking between the battles, symbolizing the Ukrainian army’s perseverance that overcomes adversity.

Gifts to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Displaying Ukrainian resilience, Kostiushko has promised 25% of Threads of War production revenue to support and strengthen the Ukrainian military. Such action harmonizes with many publishers and developers who made a similar turn by the outbreak of the combat in 2022, showing gamers’ willingness to act innovatively and make a difference when disaster strikes.

Multiple player mode and musical environment support.

The game’s multiplayer component also entails a two-player co-op mode through multi-view play. So, friends can both team up and fight for the liberation. Moreover, the game features a wide range of boss battles as well as music specially tailored to Ukrainian folk music. All of this creates an even more immersive atmosphere for the players.

Launch details and easy to use with wishlist options

Threads of War is scheduled for release on PC via Steam in the last quarter of 2024, and it will give players a chance to make their way throughout the Ukrainian battlefield which is fraught with issues. The enthused who are desperate to keep up with the game’s progress can add the game to their wishlist on Steam, to avoid missing out on a chance to not only help a meaningful cause but also enjoy steaming gameplay.

Balancing entertainment with purpose

Although Threads of War handles a lot of important issues, the priority of Andriy Kostiushko is to involve the player in good gaming. Through combining exciting game mechanics with a touching story the developer has made a product where the player instead of just being entertained will stand up for people in need.

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