And the Winner Is…Everyone! Why the Future Belongs to Multiple Blockchains, Not Just $BTC, $ETH or Solana


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Crypto is evolving faster than even many early adopters expected. Institutional adoption has occurred with the introduction of the Bitcoin ($BTC) Spot ETFs, and these issuers continued to exert massive buying pressure on $BTC. The Ethereum ($ETH) ETFs will be approved in the coming months. Institutional investors want digital asset exposure and are willing to pay for it. Solana ($SOL) has also experienced a blistering run recently and positioned itself as one of the strongest altcoins among the top ten cryptocurrencies.

Smaller caps like Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) are also starting to make massive runs, and it has been listed as the best cryptocurrency to buy now for 100X enthusiasts. For anybody not paying attention, altcoin season has started. But who will be the winner? The winner is everyone! Why the future belongs to multiple blockchains, not just $BTC, $ETH, or $SOL. Today, we are diving into the multichain future. 

The Future is Multi-Chain

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana are sometimes called the big three. Respective token holders often descend into tribalism, arguing about the superiority of their asset, whether it be $BTC, $ETH, or $SOL. But all of this is incredibly short-sighted. Cryptos are growing as an asset class, and there is more for everybody as the pie gets bigger.

Multichain solutions like Axelar Network ($AXL) and Chainlink’s ($LINK) CrossChain Interoperability Protocol are leading the way, and instead of fragmented liquidity siloed of blockchains, assets can now flow freely. In this broader upward trend, all digital assets are rising, and the best cryptocurrencies to buy come down to an individual’s preference.

Take $BTC, $ETH, and $SOL. Investors bullish on fixed monetary policy and a long-term store of value naturally gravitate towards $BTC. Those bullish on DeFi, security, and settlement buy $ETH. And for those that value a low latency smart contract platform, they buy $SOL. The entire industry is on the verge of repricing and the future will undoubtedly be multichain.

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) New Hybrid Model 

Galaxy Fox has come in hot to land the title of best cryptocurrency to buy now this quarter, and digging into its protocol design and underlying tokenomics model shows why. This ICO is bringing a new hybrid model to market, blending the best of the memecoin and play-to-earn genres.

100X forecasts have been rolling in thick and fast for $GFOX, and experts are betting big on its deflationary model paired with staking rewards. Stargate is the ecosystem rewards hub, accruing 2% of all ecosystem transactions. It directs these to stakers, and thanks to leveraging taxes, there is no new net issuance of $GFOX post-launch.

The protocol token burn ensures that tokens are constantly removed from the open market, opening up a unique situation. Ecosystem activity drives staking payouts, and these stakers are earning yield on an asset with a falling supply. Staking payouts will naturally increase demand for $GFOX. But with a dwindling supply, $GFOX’s price will increase rapidly.

Staking rewards are not the only earning mechanism; skilled players can walk away with prizes at the end of each season. Galaxy Fox’s addictive runner game pays out these prizes and acts as a great user acquisition funnel. This memecoin is hot to trot and already positioned to become a breakout star later this year.

Closing Thoughts: Backing Small Caps Early 

As markets get frothier and more and more institutional investors enter the digital asset market, crypto-natives will realize that the future is multichain. The entire industry is growing, and tribalism is wasting time.

Pay special attention to well-designed tokenomics models, which always shine in bullish conditions. Galaxy Fox’s model is a prime example, and its implementation of deflation and yield gives it a clear path to 100X. Join the presale today and become an early adopter of the best cryptocurrency to buy now.

Learn more about $GFOX here:

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