Ambiguity around Bitcoin keeps Russia skeptic of regulation

Anatoly Aksakov the head of Duma committee stated that in order to define crypto-mining, crypto-currency would have to be defined and since Russia is not ready to include an ambiguous Bitcoin into the economic system at the moment.

Moreover, if mining were to be regulated, it would be done under the tax jurisdiction department, and there is no need for including it in the bill.

Many important crypto-currency terms have been removed as the new draft bill reaches its completion. Sources confirm that Russian legislation has removed the term ‘crypto-mining’ from the draft indicating that the bill will not elucidate the laws regarding the mining of coins.

The reading has not yet elucidated that whether the current version of draft contains the rules regarding ICOs and coins that the initial bill did.

The bill was presented in January, but it wasn’t until March that an improved version was proposed by Aksakov that worked on Identity validation for digital-transactions, State Duma accepted a draft of this bill in first of the three hearings in May.

The term crypto-currency was removed before the 2nd hearing. After that, a group known as RSPP began preparing a regulation bill of their own that their vice-president thought would terminate the contradictions in the ‘fragmented’ draft by dividing crypto-assets into three categories.

In a conference earlier this month, officials discussed digital currency and its impact on the economy of the state. Certain officials believed that the hype for crypto-currency in the last 12 months has begun to die down while many others were convinced that the government will not allow crypto-currencies to flourish in the next ten years.