Study finds e-commerce giant Amazon is interested in Bitcoin


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TL;DR Breakdown:

  • About 32 publicly traded companies, including Amazon, are interested in cryptocurrency, per Blockdata findings.
  • Only seven companies had a negative stance on cryptocurrency, while 61 were neutral.
  •  The e-commerce giant once announced it was hiring crypto experts for a new digital currency project.

It’s unarguable that digital currencies have gained mainstream attention over the past years from several investors, including some of the world’s largest companies. A recent study has found that leading e-commerce giant Amazon and 31 other publicly traded companies in the “Top 100” category are interested in Bitcoin and other crypto-assets.

Amazon and 31 others are interested in crypto

Crypto market intelligence platform, Blockdata, studied the top 100 publicly traded firms to know their stance on cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin. About 32 companies had a positive stance on crypto, according to the study. These companies include Amazon, Tesla, Facebook, Cisco, Walmart, Intel, Visa, and many others. 

These companies would either offer or accept cryptocurrency, hire crypto experts, hold cryptocurrency in their treasury, or have executives who spoke out positively about the emerging assets. Meanwhile, the majority of the companies (up to 61) said they are neutral on cryptocurrencies, and only seven companies don’t welcome cryptocurrency.

When will Amazon debut in crypto?

It remains unknown if and when the e-commerce company will announce support for cryptocurrency. Early in February, however, Cryptopolitan reported that the company was hiring cryptocurrency experts for a new digital currency project. Many people in crypto are keen on reading such an announcement. The price of Bitcoin briefly spiked in July following rumors that Amazon was planning to enable cryptocurrency payments

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