E-commerce giant, Amazon is hiring for a digital currency project

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TL;DR Breakdown:

  • Amazon is reportedly working on a new digital currency project to be launched in Mexico.
  • This was learned from a recent job posting from the company.

Digital currencies are poised to spread wider in the coming months, as many prominent companies realize the need for them. On the 10th of February, the second-largest global payment network, Mastercard, revealed their plans to integrate support for users and merchants to transact digital currencies directly on their network. Today, Coindesk learned that the American e-commerce giant, Amazon, was working on a new “digital currency,” another bullish news for the crypto industry this week.

These developments are coming some days after Tesla’s announced their $1.5 billion investment in the largest digital currency, Bitcoin.

What is Amazon working on?

Following several job postings by Amazon, it was learned that the company is working on a “digital currency” project, which is expected to be rolled out in Mexico. Additionally, the company’s Digital and Emerging Payments (DEP) is currently hiring software engineers and development managers for the reported project, which should enable the vast users on the platform to easily transact with digital currencies. One of the jobs posting from the company reads:

“We are looking for a leader to help us launch a new payment product starting with Mexico as our initial launch country. […] This product will enable customers to convert their cash into digital currency using which [sic] customers can enjoy online services including shopping for goods and/or services like Prime Video.”

Amazon is already familiar with blockchain

It’s worth mentioning that the company already developed some sort of game token dubbed “Amazon Coin,” which worked more like the digital version of Disney Dollars. Aside from this, the company had previously engaged in blockchain, the technology behind digital currencies, through the launch of the Amazon Managed Blockchain service. With the growing interest in digital currencies today, maybe, it’s time for the company to expand its payment option with an actual digital currency.

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