Airdrops To Watch Out For

Airdrops to watch out for


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This year’s most promising giveaways that you’ll want to jump on.

Who doesn’t want free money? Even better, free money that can potentially earn you even more! At the same time, holding and trading new coins also supports new projects. And surely you want to know what the latest disruptive blockchain projects are coming up with? A few that have caught our eye in digital security, gamefi, NFTs, and other dapps are generating significant interest among crypto investors. 

Airdrops are an effective way to draw attention to a new coin and stimulate movement around it. They can happen as part of a variety of creating marketing campaigns, for instance, within the framework of an ICO (initial coin offering) or IDO (initial DEX offering) to launch a project, or sponsored by an exchange looking to onboard new customers or increase trading activity when listing a new coin. An airdrop usually comes with a few requirements to visibly promote it on social media or complete tasks that in some way support the project itself in order to earn the prize. It can be as simple as retweeting a message, or referring other participants, or staking coins with the launchpad involved in incubating the project. 

One that you’ll definitely want to jump on now is UpLift DAO’s IDO for REV3AL, which started on March 12. REV3AL TECH is the token name and the team is developing cutting-edge technology to authenticate To get in on the action, you’ll need to join UpLift’s whitelist and start staking.

Not only does UpLift distribute tokens for their launchpad projects, but you can also sign up for LIFT airdrops, their native token. UpLift DAO frequently rewards community members in competitions for contributing original artwork and supporting other campaign goals. Watch their Twitter feed and Discord channel for details and news about all their upcoming funding rounds and prizes. 

In a completely different distribution model, Basic Attention Token is a cryptocurrency that Brave browser gives its users for using the browser and watching specific ads. You can then use the token to reward websites and content creators, trade it, or cash out. You earn every day, and at the end of the month they magically appear in your wallet. It’s basically a steady airdrop of tokens for as long as you use Brave.

Taking a step back and looking at more well-known altcoins, Ripple is one of the most interesting. Why is Ripple so popular? Admittedly, it has a somewhat controversial history, having run up against the US Securities & Exchange Commission in the last several years. It’s ambitious mission to revolutionize payments understandably required a massive shift in the institutional finance mentality. Recent renewed interest in Ripple has pushed its price and popularity up again and it has a strong, loyal following. Ripple airdrops frequently happen from different exchanges in campaigns to attract trading customers. Ripple holders are also often eligible to receive other airdropped tokens. 

There are also token offerings that we *wish* would happen… and when they do you’ll want to be first in line, so set a news alert for these:

Metamask has long been rumored to have a token in the works. This would obviously be a huge thing to jump on as Metamask is the most popular ethereum wallets and dapp bridge, with more than 30 million monthly users. The Metamask team is proceeding cautiously here though, as they don’t want it to be merely a “cash grab,” but rather an ecosystem that empowers people. 

Another anxiously hoped for token is from OpenSea, the largest and most popular NFT marketplace. A native token issued from OpenSea would be a huge benefit and attractive to NFT creators and collectors. Rumor has it that if they do an airdrop, it will be aimed at users who have already bought or sold NFTs on the platform.
Lastly, one more upcoming IDO that is generating a lot of buzz is Wizardia, also being launched by UpLift on March 18. Not only can you claim tokens for participating in the initial offering, Wizardia is a unique NFT “play-to-earn” gamefi dapp, based on Solana. Wizardia’s NFTs generate passive income on their own, but they also make your investment work into a rewarding role-playing strategy game. The more you play, the more you get. What could be better than that?

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