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The future of gaming is one that may seem hard to predict, given the slew of near-identical games that have been rolling off the production lines in recent years. However, it is the monotony of the genres and underlying technologies that are likely to shape the future. New technologies and infrastructures are needed to give developers new opportunities to explore and experiment with.

The introduction of virtual reality is seen as the new Holy Grail that could propel gaming into a new golden age of development. However, the need for a new infrastructure is crucial, considering the limitations of available platforms and their susceptibility to unfair distribution of resources in-game.

The introduction of blockchain platforms is providing entirely new visions and perceptions of gaming experiences and is giving a clear insight into what games can be like in the near future. The level of interaction offered by VR alleviates the gaming experience from a detached into a tactile form of interactive entertainment, while the foundations of blockchain infrastructures provide games elements of cryptoeconomics that are endowed with fairness and transparency.

The need for transparency and greater equality in the gaming process is growing as gamers are increasingly encountering situations in which users with greater financial capabilities are gaining an edge by purchasing exclusive items. Blockchain mechanics allow games to offer their users an alternative to real-world money in the form of crypto assets that can be earned and spent in-game. In addition to offering new monetization and economic opportunities, blockchain platforms can also give new impetus for developers to experiment and increase the quality of games overall with greater inclusion for broader user bases.

Age of Ilcoin: Retribution is a perfect example of a product born of the merger of gaming and blockchain that represents a quantum leap from the first generation of blockchain-based games like Cryptokitties. The game is set in a futuristic sci-fi world in which users battle away for the treasured ILCOIN’s (ILCs) as “Miners”, earning and protecting their coins.

The game’s setting plunges gamers into a world stricken with recession in which cryptocurrencies are the most important asset. Players will have to defend the base ship against the alien hordes of D’Boss and experience non-stop action with countless hilarious moments and challenging situations. A wide variety of enemies with different attack patterns, higher defenses, and even occasional surprise attacks blend with advanced internal game economics, giving players the chance to experience VR on an entirely new level. The first person shooter concept set in a VR semi-open world gives users greater mobility and expanded use of in-game currencies as a stable of blockchain functionality within a new breed of video games.

Age of ILCOIN: Retribution was developed jointly by the ILCOIN development team and SYDYG, SPECTER, FOKAGAMES and NEON SAVAGE. The game will be available on the Steam Gaming Platform and in the Oculus Store. The Ilcoin team is also in the process of establishing partnerships for porting the game to consoles.

If the future of gaming is to be shaped in the image of Age of ILCOIN: Retribution, chances are quite high that players will appreciate the new concepts introduced into its gameplay mechanics and will embrace such projects. Virtual Reality certainly has the potential to give new experiences and propel gaming into a new environment of tactile interaction, but the question remains whether that would be enough to retain players. Nonetheless, the Ilcoin development team is confident that Age of ILCOIN: Retribution will find its audience and will act as a stepping stone in a brave new age of gaming evolution.

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