Aevo and Pandora Unveil Farm Boost for DeFi Yield Farming


  • Aevo partners with Pandora to launch the Farm Boost program, integrating gacha mechanics into DeFi yield farming, offering users the chance to amplify their $AEVO airdrop rewards significantly.
  • The initiative introduces Base and Lucky Farm Boosts, incentivizing active trading with potential yield increases from 1x to 100x, blending excitement and financial growth opportunities in the DeFi landscape.




In an innovative collaboration, Aevo, a leading decentralized finance (DeFi) platform, has partnered with the Pandora team to introduce a groundbreaking initiative: the Farm Boost. 

The pioneering program is set to redefine the landscape of DeFi yield farming by integrating Pandora’s unique ERC-404 gacha mechanism, offering users the opportunity to significantly amplify their $AEVO airdrop rewards by anywhere from 1x to 100x over a fortnight.

Enhancing yield farming with Gacha Mechanics

The Aevo platform has revolutionized DeFi yield farming by integrating the excitement of gacha-style rewards, offering a unique and dynamic user experience with the introduction of the Farm Boost program. The innovative initiative features two types of boosts: the Base Farm Boost and the Lucky Farm Boost. 

The Base Farm Boost provides a guaranteed yield increase of 1x to 4x on every trade, depending on the user’s trading volume over the previous seven days, with a cap at 4x for volumes that exceed $5 million. It encourages consistent trading, as the boost amount can increase with more frequent trading or decrease if trading activity drops, thanks to its calculation based on a rolling 7-day period.

Adding to the thrill, the Lucky Farm Boost offers Aevo traders the chance to significantly amplify their rewards for the next two weeks. With potential boosts ranging from 10x to an impressive 100x, the probability of hitting a 10x, 50x, or 100x boost stands at approximately 10%, 2.5%, and 1%, respectively. The system is designed to reward higher trading frequencies, enhancing the likelihood of encountering these exceptional boosts. Such a model not only incentivizes active participation on the platform but also adds an element of excitement and unpredictability to the trading experience, making Aevo a standout in the competitive DeFi landscape.

Transformative impact on DeFi trading

The Farm Boost initiative is not merely a novel concept; it represents a significant evolution in how DeFi platforms can engage users and reward trading activity. By adopting a model that combines the reliability of base boosts with the unpredictability and potential windfall of lucky boosts, Aevo and Pandora have created a compelling incentive structure that enriches the trading experience.

Consider the scenarios of two traders, ctrlfreak and Alice, to understand the practical application of these boosts. ctrlfreak, with a notional trading volume of $1.5 million in the past week, achieves a base boost of approximately 2x. Upon engaging in a trade worth $25,000 and striking a 10x lucky boost, ctrlfreak’s boosted volume skyrockets to $300,000 for that trade, magnifying his $AEVO distribution by 12 times the original trade value.

Alice’s situation illustrates the power of the lucky boost even more dramatically. With a $3 million notional volume, she starts with a 3.5x base boost. After executing a $100,000 trade and securing a 50x lucky boost, Alice’s boosted volume for the trade reaches an astonishing $5.35 million, elevating her $AEVO distribution by 53 times.

Future directions and the DeFi ecosystem

The introduction of the Farm Boost by Aevo and Pandora is a landmark development in the DeFi sector, offering a blueprint for how platforms can innovate to drive user engagement and trading activity. The program not only enhances the potential for rewards but also deepens the connection between trading strategies and outcomes, making the DeFi trading environment more dynamic and rewarding.

As the program unfolds, the broader implications for the DeFi ecosystem will become clearer. The integration of gamification elements like the ERC-404 gacha mechanism into yield farming could set a new standard for user engagement, potentially influencing how other platforms design their reward systems. Moreover, the emphasis on trading volume and activity as a basis for rewards underscores the importance of liquidity and market participation in the health of the DeFi market.


The Farm Boost program represents a significant step forward in the evolution of DeFi yield farming. By blending traditional trading incentives with the excitement of gacha-based rewards, Aevo and Pandora are not only enhancing the user experience but also pioneering a new model of user engagement and reward distribution in the DeFi space. As the program progresses, it will be interesting to observe its impact on trading behaviors and the broader adoption of DeFi platforms.

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