Abracadabra Finance Hit by Security Breach, Loses $6.4 Million


  • A significant security breach occurred when attackers exploited a vulnerability within the protocol, managing to bypass the insolvency check. This allowed them to illicitly borrow an extensive number of Magic Internet Money (MIM) tokens, despite not having sufficient collateral to secure the loan, posing a serious threat to the integrity of the system.
  • The magnitude of the attack was substantial, with the compromised contract reportedly containing assets valued at over $29 million at the time of the incident. This considerable sum underscores the severity of the breach and highlights the critical need for enhanced security measures to safeguard against such vulnerabilities.





Abracadabra Finance, a prominent player in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector, has become the latest victim of a significant security breach. 

The DeFi protocol reportedly suffered a substantial attack, leading to a loss exceeding $6.4 million. The incident has raised concerns about the vulnerability of DeFi platforms to sophisticated cyber threats.

The technical flaw exploited by attackers

Security firms Blocksec and Peckshield, renowned for their expertise in blockchain security, have analyzed the attack and pinpointed the cause. According to Blocksec, the attackers exploited a rounding issue in Abracadabra Finance’s smart contract, leading to what is termed as a “precision loss.”

A critical vulnerability was exploited by attackers in the protocol, circumventing the insolvency check mechanism. This breach permitted the unauthorized borrowing of a substantial quantity of Magic Internet Money (MIM) tokens without the necessary collateral to back the transaction.

During the incident, it was assessed that the compromised contract still contained assets valued at over $29 million. This significant sum highlights the scale of the attack and the potential financial implications of the security breach.

The repercussions of the attack were immediately felt in the market, with the MIM stablecoin experiencing a significant devaluation. The value of MIM briefly plummeted to below $0.7, marking a substantial depeg from its intended parity. However, the stablecoin showed some resilience, managing to recover to $0.96, as reported by The Block’s price page.

Abracadabra Finance’s response and recovery measures

In the wake of the attack, the Abracadabra Finance team promptly acknowledged the incident and assured users of their immediate action. The team’s statement highlighted their awareness of the exploit involving certain cauldrons on the Ethereum network and mentioned that their engineering team was actively triaging and investigating the situation.

As part of its recovery strategy, Abracadabra Finance announced that its DAO treasury would engage in buying back MIM from the market. The move is aimed at mitigating the impact of the incident and supporting the MIM stablecoin’s return to its pegged value. The project also plans to burn the repurchased MIM tokens, a measure that could potentially stabilize the token’s value and restore confidence among its users.

Abracadabra Finance, co-founded by Daniele Sesta, is known for its innovative DeFi lending and borrowing tools. The platform allows users to deposit various cryptocurrencies as collateral to borrow MIM, a stablecoin designed to maintain a stable value. Sesta’s involvement in other notable projects like Wonderland Money and Popsicle Finance has positioned Abracadabra Finance as a significant entity in the DeFi landscape.


The security breach at Abracadabra Finance serves as a stark reminder of the persistent risks and challenges faced by DeFi platforms. As the sector continues to evolve, the incident underscores the importance of robust security measures and rapid response strategies to safeguard assets and maintain trust among users. The proactive steps taken by Abracadabra Finance in the aftermath of the attack reflect the project’s commitment to resilience and its dedication to protecting the interests of its community.

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