10x Growth Bets: Whales’ Top 7 Altcoins

Although the cryptocurrency market is constantly flooded with new projects, very few enter bullish runs and take off. While most of the blockchain projects are working towards addressing the challenges of higher transaction costs and lower throughput, some, like Filecoin, are offering unique decentralized solutions that are poised for growth. 

A newly launched project that has gained a lot of popularity in a short period is InQubeta (QUBE). Built on the Ethereum network, InQubeta is the first cryptocurrency crowdfunding platform for AI startups. The project holds the potential to become a top cryptocurrency ICO, especially after the success it has achieved during the presale stages. QUBE has secured the position of one of the best altcoins amongst crypto enthusiasts and investors offering a well-structured earning model to boost residual income. Here is a list of the top 7 altcoins that are currently being accumulated by whales. 

1. InQubeta’s Crowdfunding Crypto Project to Emerge as the Top ICO of 2023

InQubeta’s fundraising platform has garnered attention from not only investors but also AI start-ups globally with their innovative marketplace curated to address the problem of securing funding opportunities. The platform offers an innovative solution by allowing investors to indulge in fractional investments based on their budget. The goal of the project is to create an ecosystem that is accessible and democratic in nature. 

InQubeta’s NFT marketplace allows AI startups seeking funds to list their NFTs and couple them with lucrative offerings for investors to browse and purchase using InQubeta’s native token, QUBE.  Once the purchase is made, the corresponding startup receives the funds required to propel its growth. This mutually beneficial environment offers several earning models to the investors who are entitled to exclusive access to the startup’s products and services, a part of their profit, and equity in the company. The holders of the QUBE token can also participate in staking to draw rewards from the reward pool which is funded through a 5% buy and sell tax from every transaction within the network. 

Another unique feature is the deflationary nature of QUBE which is maintained by allocating 2% of proceeds from every QUBE transaction to a burn wallet. The tokens that go into this wallet cannot be retrieved, reducing its supply and enhancing its value. All these attributes have swiftly ranked QUBE as one of the top cryptocurrencies to invest in. InQubeta has come up with a unique investment opportunity that could help to improve the AI startup industry in the long term. Learn more about InQubeta’s investor-centric ecosystem by visiting the presale site.


2. Arbitrum’s Plans to Launch a Layer-3 Solution, Orbit 

Arbitrum is a reputable blockchain solution known for providing an environment with low-cost smart contracts and high throughput. It is a layer-2 scaling solution backed by cutting-edge technology rooted in the Ethereum ecosystem. Though the Arbitrum ecosystem draws the benefit of security and compatibility from Ethereum, it distinguishes itself from other scaling solutions through the use of optimistic roll-up technology. The network claims to offer several advantages over other similar solutions making it one of the top ICOs of the year.

The core of the Arbitrum ecosystem is its native cryptocurrency, ARB. This new altcoin is used as a governance token with the transition of Arbitrum into the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) structure. The holders of ARB tokens will have the right to take part in the network’s key decision-making process. The company also has plans to launch its own layer-3 solution, Orbit, facilitating the deployment of programs written in widely used programming languages. The ARB token could potentially rise in value in the future as it has a strong use case and has gained massive popularity among cryptocurrency users. 

3. Polkadot is also known as Layer-0 Meta Protocol 

Polkadot is an open-source interoperable network, popular for facilitating the cross-chain transfer of data and tokens. Being interoperable in nature, it provides the very foundations for the internet for blockchains. The network is controlled by users and simplifies the way new applications, services, and institutions are created on the network. The network is also known as Layer-0 meta protocol due to its role as a foundational framework that defines the structure for the network of Layer-1 blockchains, also known as parachains. 

Polkadot has gained immense traction because of its innovative ideas that appeal to not just the investors but also the developer community. The platform is fueled by its native cryptocurrency, DOT. DOT token ranks as a good crypto to buy as it serves three main functions within the network. The relatively new altcoin can be used to secure the network through staking, acts as a governance token, and connects the parachains by bonding tokens. By allowing parallel processing of transactions to enhance scalability, DOT is considered as one of the best altcoins available in the market. 

4. Avalanche’s Popularity As a Solution Aiming to Solve the Blockchain Trilemma

Avalanche is a layer-one blockchain solution offering tough competition to Ethereum in terms of the most popular smart contact platform. The network presents itself as a perfect solution for developers to build decentralized applications (dApps), custom blockchains, and smart contracts. Avalanche has created quite a buzz in the cryptocurrency market as it has a platform that scales infinitely and processes transactions in less than a minute. The in-house currency of the network is AVAX. Users can stake tokens to validate a transaction. 

The project finds its place among the top cryptocurrency ICOs with a vibrant and robust community. The huge popularity of AVAX is mainly because of its unique architecture consisting of three interoperable blockchains. The X-chain or exchange chain is used to create and exchange the AVAX tokens and other assets, the C-chain or contract chain hosts smart contracts and decentralized applications, and the P-chain or platform chain enables the creation of subnets, tracks active subnets and coordinates with network validators. 

5. Cosmos Unique Journey to Become the Internet of Blockchains

Cosmos aims to address the problem of interoperability. It was also designed to provide a solution to the slow, expensive, unscalable, and environmentally harmful nature of the proof-of-work consensus mechanism. The Cosmos team believes that the answer to these problems lies in offering an ecosystem that makes it easier for blockchains to communicate with each other. Keeping the concepts of scalability and modularity at its heart, the Cosmos network is often described as Blockchain 3.0.

The network consists of three layers, each performing a specific function. The application layer processes transactions and updates the network, the network layer facilitates communication between the blockchains and the consensus layer enables the nodes to reach an agreement on the network’s protocol. The network is secured using the proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus protocol which is driven by Cosmos’s native token, ATOM. Validator nodes are required to stake the token to be chosen to verify the transactions and earn rewards. Addressing the major concerns of industry fragmentation, the network has gained massive traction making ATOM one of the top crypto coins in the market. 

6. Solana’s Unique Hybrid Consensus Model Ranks it Among the Top Crypto Coins

Solana’s native cryptocurrency SOL ranks among the top cryptocurrencies in the market through the support of both small-time and institutional traders. The network was officially launched by the Solana Foundation with the aim of making decentralized finance accessible to all. The network is an open-source project designed to facilitate the creation of decentralized applications (dApps) while improving the scalability of the network. The unique feature of the Solana ecosystem is its hybrid consensus model and timestamp technology. It combines the proof-of-history (PoH) consensus protocol with the proof-of-stake mechanism allowing the nodes to verify the transactions without having to communicate with each other. This strategic approach aims to provide a higher transaction speed at a lower cost.

The SOL token has secured a position for itself amongst the top crypto coins because of its utility. The token is used to pay the transaction fees within the network which is considerably cheaper than most other similar blockchains and the token can also be staked to become a validator and receive rewards while doing so. 

7. Filecoin’s Decentralized Storage Gains  Attention as a Good Cryptocurrency to Buy

Filecoin is at the forefront of disrupting traditional centralized storage products and services through its peer-to-peer decentralized file storage system. The team aims to store humanity’s most important information in a trustless and secure manner making it easy to retrieve and hard to censor. FIL is the native cryptocurrency of the network and is offered as an economic incentive to increase the reliability of the network. This new altcoin is used by clients to pay for using Filecoin services and staked by miners who provide the storage in the network. 

The FIL network stands out in the cryptocurrency market through the use of proof-of-replication (PoRep) and proof-of-spacetime (PoSt) to ensure that the data is verifiably stored. The PoRep protocol allows the storage miners to create a proof for the client ensuring that they have created a unique copy of their data on the network. On the other hand, PoSt proves that the space being used by the storage provider is the user’s data. The latter runs repeatedly while PoRep only validates proof once. 


If you are wondering which cryptocurrency to buy today for long-term gains, consider these top seven coins as an excellent opportunity with the potential to turbocharge your portfolio. Each of these crypto projects has taken a lead in introducing fresh concepts into the market and has surpassed the performance expectations anticipated by the community. 

However, the buzz created by InQubeta’s presale performance stands out above the rest. This newly launched crypto project has raised massive funding in a short period. InQubeta’s native token, QUBE, has managed to feature on investors’ top crypto coin lists because it is backed by several use cases. Many analysts and security firms vouch for the potential of this project to disrupt the traditional investment industry. New users can participate in the QUBE presale to potentially earn huge gains in the long term. 

 Visit InQubeta Presale 

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