0x price analysis 16 August 2019; On its way to the top

Even though 0x’s performance cannot be compared to other altcoins, it’s still important to note that when looking at the difference, we can clearly see that 0x is in a much better position currently.

However, if we look at the 6-month chart, we see that there’s a steady decrease starting from June without a serious correction in sight.

Today’s 0x price analysis will focus on finding the key resistance and support levels and trying to figure out where the coin could go in either scenario.

0x price analysis

ZRX chart by Trading View

ZRX price analysis: Resistance and Support

We will be focusing on the short term support and resistance levels as long-term it’s obvious that ZRX has the opportunity to ride the BTC resurgence and get to new heights.

But before that BTC surge happens, the coin is looking quite bearish. It’s predicted that ZRX will face staunch resistance at $0.18 from the bears who are currently targeting $0.15 which was the all-time low for the coin in its existence.

As for the support levels, ZRX investors can expect to find some bullish awakenings at $0.175 and $0.170 as nobody is too willing to go back to the all-time low.

As already mentioned, a bearish short term is likely to facilitate a whole new bullish long-term.