Bonk price prediction 2024 – 2030: How high will Bonk go?

Key takeaways

  • Bonk price prediction for 2024 anticipates a maximum price of $0.000030.
  • Our Bonk price prediction for 2027 anticipates a price range of $0.000082 to $0.000094.
  • In 2030, we expect Bonk price to record a maximum price of $0.000292 with an average price of $0.000243.

Bonk is one of the most successful crypto projects in 2024. The dog-themed Solana-based coin has become one of the most recognized meme coins, with its market capitalization reaching $2.7 billion in May.

Bonk (BONK) is a crypto token built on the Solana blockchain, much like DOGE, WIF, or SHIB. Bonk is a digital asset that can be traded on a number of online platforms, such as Binance, KuCoin, Kraken, MEXC, CoinEx, OKX, gate.io, and Bybit.

Bonk has a maximum supply of 93 trillion. It is important to note that 66 trillion BONK are already in circulation. The interesting part is that despite being a meme coin, Bonk’s supply is tied to its burning process to appreciate its value.

The token became popular in 2022 after an airdrop to the Solana community. Despite Bonk’s popularity and appeal, the token is highly volatile, and wild swings in its price action are routine.

Along with being a meme coin, the Bonk ecosystem is far more diverse. A number of projects built around Bonk also increase its utility prospects, which makes it a popular choice among traders and is also considered the primary trigger behind its 2024 bull run. Bonk Swap, Bonk Rewards, and Bonk BOT are the main features of the Bonk ecosystem.


Market Cap$1,855,744,887
Trading Volume$358,109,291
Circulating Supply68,843,281,701,889 BONK
All-time High$0.00004547 Mar 04, 2024
All-time Low$0.0 78614 Dec 29, 2022
24-h High$0.00002942
24-h Low$0.00002668

Bonk price prediction: Technical analysis

Price Prediction$0.000030
50-Day SMA$ 0.00002781
14-Day RSI40.35
Fear & Greed Index29 (Fear)
Green Days13/30 (43%)
200-Day SMA$ 0.00002139

Bonk price analysis: Bonk deteriorates to $0.00002681 after a bearish trial

 TL; DR Breakdown

  • Bonk price analysis confirms a downtrend.
  • The coin value has dropped to $0.00002681.
  • Strong support is being provided at $0.00001974.

The latest July 17, 2024 price analysis presents a highly bearish scenario for the cryptocurrency. Although the past week proved highly supportive for the buyers, the market events are currently going relatively bearish. In the past 24 hours, the coin value dropped to $0.00002681 because of the downside today. If the bearish momentum grows further, investors may expect a further downturn in price soon.

Bonk 1-day price chart: Downturn leads to a devaluation below $0.00002681

The daily price analysis for Bonk confirms a bearish trend regarding the ongoing market events. The bears remained leading in the past 24 hours, overcoming the earlier bullish wave. The coin value has depreciated to $0.00002681 due to the rising selling pressure. If we discuss the moving average (MA) indicator, its curve is bullish. The indicator’s value has improved to $0.00002525 because of the continuous bullish tide this week.

BONK/USD 1-day price chart. Source: TradingView

Volatility is expanding, which is a bearish signal for the coming days. Because of the increasing change in volatility, the upper end of the Bollinger bands indicator has switched to $0.00002814. Currently, the lower end has moved to the $0.00001974 end, confirming secure support. For now, the RSI graph displays a steep, bearish slope. Its overall value has been reduced to 55.45 due to today’s downtrend.

BONK /USD 4-hour price chart: Bearish tide aggravates decline below $0.00002678

The hourly Bitcoin price analysis presents a bearish prediction for the cryptocurrency. The Bears have secured consecutive victories since the early hours of the day. In the past four hours, the coin value has sunk to $0.00002678, which is low considering the recent downward slide. On the other hand, the moving average indicator confirms improvement in its overall. The indicator’s value has increased to $0.00002784 because of the bullish rally in the past week.

BONK/USD 4-hour price chart. Source: TradingView

The four-hour price chart dictates declining volatility, a bearish hint for future market events. The upper end of the Bollinger bands indicator has moved to $0.00002985, confirming the resistance threshold. The lower extreme is now situated at $0.00002265, marking highly stable support for the cryptocurrency. The RSI graph displays a steep, bearish slope on the price chart. Its value has deteriorated to 54.92 due to the downturn in the past four hours.

Bonk technical indicators: Levels and action

Daily simple moving average (SMA)

SMA 3$ 0.00002286SELL
SMA 5$ 0.00002313SELL
SMA 10$ 0.00002300SELL
SMA 21$ 0.00002314SELL
SMA 50$ 0.00002781SELL
SMA 100$ 0.00002528SELL
SMA 200$ 0.00002139BUY

Daily exponential moving average (EMA) 

EMA 3$ 0.00002310SELL
EMA 5$ 0.00002276SELL
EMA 10$ 0.00002271SELL
EMA 21$ 0.00002416SELL
EMA 50$ 0.00002581SELL
EMA 100$ 0.00002477SELL
EMA 200$ 0.00002068BUY

What to expect from Bonk price analysis

The daily as well as the hourly bonk price analysis confirms a decreasing trend for the cryptocurrency. The bears are back on track, evading the intense bullish wave this week. Today, the coin value has depreciated below the $0.00002681 marker, thereby confirming the bearish victory. Side by side, the four-hour price analysis confirms a massive bearish wave for the cryptocurrency as well. 

Is Bonk a good investment?

After its launch in December 2022, Bonk quickly gained traction, and being a SOL token, it triggered a huge surge in the SOL price. The surge was attributed to Bonk’s unique distribution strategy. Bonk is a meme coin, but it has many side projects that contribute to its usability and make it more valuable than a mere dog meme coin. It is expected that by 2030, Bonk will reach $0.000292, which is approximately 15 times its current price, making it a good investment to consider.

Why is Bonk down?

Bonk has sunk 4.37% over the past 24-hours, and over the month, its value has improved by 16.67%. Today’s selling pressure triggered a decrease in the coin’s value, but being a highly volatile cryptocurrency, Bonk’s initiated recovery may turn the price green over the remaining trading session.

Will Bonk Recover?

Bonk is currently trading in its middle price range. Considering the current situation, it feels like the coin’s price has initiated a recovery as the crypto pair has secured support at the $0.00001812 level. The recovery can continue as long as buyers remain consistent.

Will Bonk reach $0.000055?

Bonk’s strongest current resistance level is at $0.0000255. However, Bonk saw some price action above this level just a few days ago. In the short term, Bonk may not break above this level, but according to market speculation, it will reach $0.000055 by mid-2026.

Will Bonk reach $0.000100?

Cryptopolitan’s Bonk price prediction suggests that the coin can reach $0.000100 and even surpass it by the year 2028. Bonk’s market capitalization will increase 4.5-fold when Bonk reaches this price level.

Will Bonk reach $1?

According to Cryptopolitan’s price prediction, Bonk may not achieve the $1 level in the foreseeable future. It will take considerable time and significant growth in the coin’s market cap to reach $1, which seems impossible as of now.

Does Bonk have a good long-term Future?

Bonk has garnered much attention from investors with its community-driven value. However, analysts do not share the same sentiment and are divided in their views on the crypto pair. This is true to an extent, as after its initial surge, sustaining the momentum has proved a challenge for Bonk. According to The Cryptopolitan’s review of the cryptocurrency, it is expected that Bonk will reach a maximum value of $0.000292 by the end of 2030, which is quite a bit above its current price.

Recent news/opinion on Bonk

  • BaoBao Fashion Show is kicking off today in London.
  • The top European cryptocurrency exchange, Bitsmap, now acquired by US firm Robinhood, has announced the listing of Bonk (BONK). The exchange’s users can now trade Bonk through their Android or iOS apps.

Bonk price prediction July 2024

Bonk price prediction for July 2024 is a minimum value of $0.00001981 and an average price of $0.00002230. The price could reach a maximum of $0.00002582 during the month.

PeriodPotential Low Potential AveragePotential High
Binance coin prediction July 2024$0.00001981 $0.00002230$0.00002582

Bonk price prediction 2024

Bonk price prediction for 2024 anticipates a minimum value of $0.000027 and an average price of $0.000027. The price could reach a maximum of $0.000030 during the year.

PeriodPotential LowPotential AveragePotential High
Binance coin prediction 2024$0.000027 $0.000027$0.000030

Bonk price prediction 2025-2030

YearMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price

Bonk price prediction 2025

The Bonk price forecast for 2025 is for BONK cryptocurrency to trade at a minimum price of $0.000037 and an average price of $0.000039. The maximum forecast price for 2025 is $0.000047.

Bonk price prediction 2026

The Bonk price forecast for 2026 suggests BONK cryptocurrency could reach a minimum price of $0.000054 and an average price of $0.000055. BONK coin is estimated to reach a maximum price of $0.000065.

Bonk price prediction 2027

Ripple Bonk price forecast for 2027 estimates a minimum value of $0.000082 and an average trading price of $0.000084. The maximum price forecast for 2027 is $0.000094.

Bonk price prediction 2028

The Bonk forecast for 2028 expects the price of 1 BONK to reach a minimum of $0.000115 in 2028. The BONK price can reach a maximum level of $0.000140, with an average price of $0.000119 throughout 2028. 

Bonk price prediction 2029

The Bonk coin price prediction for 2029 estimates that BONK to attain a minimum value of $0.000171 and an average price of $0.000176, with a maximum price of $0.000200.

Bonk price prediction 2030

According to the Bonk price forecast for 2030, BONK is predicted to hit a minimum price of $0.000234 and an average price of $0.000243 throughout the year 2030. The maximum forecasted BONK price for 2030 is set at $0.000292.

Bonk market price prediction: Analysts’ BONK price forecast

Firm Name20242025
Coincodex$0.00007376$ 0.000106

Cryptopolitan’s Bonk (BONK) price prediction

Our forecast shows that Bonk will achieve a high price of $0.000030 near the end of 2024. In 2025, the XRP price will range between $0.000037 and $0.000047. In 2030, the cryptocurrency will range between $0.000234 and $0.000292, with an average price of $0.000243. It is important to consider that the anticipated prices can change at any time and are not investment advice. Professional consultation is suggested, or one should do his own research.

Bonk historic price sentiment

BONK historical price chart. Source: Coinmarketcap.
  • In December 2022, Bonk was launched with a price of $0.0000001487 and made history by making a surge of more than 30% in SOL tokens.
  • Bonk cryptocurrency quickly climbed into the top 100 by market cap after this success, reaching $0.0000034 per coin. On January 5, 2023,.
  • However, by March 2023, the price of the Bonk token had fallen from $0.0000004134, losing substantial value.
  • In June 2023, Bonk’s price did not experience much action, and it gradually decreased to $0.0000001927 in September 2023.
  • In October 2023, Bonk started to see bullish sentiment, with the price reaching $0.0000005518, which eventually reached $0.00002445 on December 15, 2023.
  • Bonk closed 2023 with a price tag of $0.00001407, which was significantly higher than the price at the start of the year but almost 50% down from the highest price point of 2023.
  • In January 2024, Bonk sustained a good higher price level, averaging around $0.00001190, with fluctuations from $0.00001075 to $0.00001617.
  • By February, bullish momentum started to build again, and in March, prices began to spike by $0.00002445.
  • Bonk reached $0.00003771 on March 5, 2024, and stayed near this level till March 15.
  • Bonk declined to $0.00001394 on April 18, 2024, before starting another bull run.
  • On May 29, 2024, Bonk observed its all-time high price of $0.00004115.
  • At the time of writing, July 5, 2024, the current bonk price is trading within the $0.00001808–$0.0023300 range.

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.

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