Zoom Unveils 40 Innovations, Including AI-Powered Collaboration Platform


  • Zoom introduced Zoom Workplace, a single app for easier work featuring customizable backgrounds and smart recordings.
  • AI Companion for Zoom boosts productivity with meeting summaries, voicemail prioritization, and expanded communication channels.
  • Updates aim to improve user experience, collaboration, and customer relationships with real-time insights and efficient tools.

Zoom Video Communications has introduced many innovations, including the launch of an AI-powered open collaboration platform named Zoom Workplace. The move aims to consolidate Zoom’s work tools into a unified application, enhancing connectivity, productivity, and flexible work experiences.

Revolutionizing collaboration with Zoom workplace

Zoom Workplace is designed to streamline work processes by amalgamating all of Zoom’s work tools into one application. This consolidated platform seeks to facilitate seamless connections, boost productivity, and optimize flexible work arrangements.

The revamped user experience of Zoom Workplace introduces several notable features. Meeting hosts can now personalize virtual backgrounds, while a new tab within Zoom Meetings serves as a centralized hub for agendas, recordings, and other shared assets. Additionally, AI Companion smart recordings and meeting summaries aim to enhance meeting efficiency.

During meetings, a new multi-speaker view automatically adjusts the video layout to spotlight active speakers, aiding participants in following discussions effortlessly. Moreover, AI-powered portrait lighting illuminates users’ faces, ensuring optimal visibility.

Further enhancements include a customizable toolbar in Zoom Meetings, enabling users to pin frequently used features, and multi-share functionality, facilitating simultaneous asset sharing among participants.

Empowering users with AI companion

Introducing AI Companion features brings added functionality and efficiency to Zoom’s suite of services. The Ask AI Companion feature synthesizes information from apps such as Zoom Meetings, Mail, Team Chat, Notes, and Docs, offering users comprehensive insights and summaries.

AI Companion for Zoom Phone allows users to request post-call summaries, eliminating the need for manual note-taking. Additionally, features like voicemail prioritization and task extraction streamline communication processes.

Zoom’s Business Services, which include AI-powered marketing, customer care, and sales solutions, undergo enhancements to improve customer relationships and leverage real-time AI insights.

AI Companion for Contact Center introduces AI Expert Assist, providing call handlers with optimal responses from curated knowledge bases. Supervisors gain access to comprehensive dashboards showcasing customer sentiment, live transcriptions, and conversation summaries, aiding in agent management and assistance provision.

Businesses utilizing Zoom Contact Center can now expand their digital communication channels to WhatsApp and inbound email, broadening their reach and enhancing customer engagement.

Zoom’s commitment to continuous improvement

Smita Hashim, Zoom’s Chief Product Officer, expressed confidence in the positive impact of Zoom AI Companion on businesses and customers. She emphasized the transformative effect on collaborative teamwork and highlighted Zoom Workplace with AI Companion as a solution to enhance productivity, efficiency, and overall workday experience.

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