Popular crypto platform, Zipmex, confirms partnership with Visa in Asia Pacific region


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TL;DR Breakdown

  • Zipmex has confirmed the expansion of its services to the Asia Pacific region.
  • The crypto platform has now partnered with the world’s biggest international payment giant Visa.
  • The firm’s crypto payments platform will be integrated with Visa’s payment system that supports around 70 million users.

When it comes to crypto platforms, the regulation scenario around the world is still unclear, while many countries have stepped forward to adopt cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. A popular crypto platform called Zipmex has made an announcement regarding its next partnership.

The digital asset provider will be teaming up with Visa, one of the biggest payment services that have more than 70 million users. The partnership will prove quite beneficial for the platform as it seeks to expand its services in the Asia Pacific region.

Zipmex partnering with Visa

Zipmex and Visa seek to pioneer crypto adoption in the Asia Pacific region as they have teamed up, facilitating the integration of ZipSend with Visa’s payment platform. ZipSend will immediately allow people to transfer cryptocurrencies to all the 70 million Visa users.

Zipmex has currently set up operational offices in Singapore, Thailand, Australia, and Indonesia and seeks to expand the services in Asia Pacific countries. The CEO of Zipmex claims that the organization seeks,

“To provide support and guidance to help regulators pass effective digital asset legislation. This has been one of the more fulfilling aspects of this project.” 

Visa and Mastercard aiming for the crypto market

Zipmex has increased its user base to 200,000 with over 1 billion USD transactional volume. Partnering with Visa will also fulfill Visa’s aim of issuing crypto payment cards that can be used in the entire Asia Pacific region.

Visa and Mastercard have been competing in order to secure a position in the crypto payments sector. Mastercard has also been announcing partnerships with Paxos and Circle.

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