Wonder app CoinBits to let users spend fiat currency and save in Bitcoin

World’s youngest Bitcoin millionaire, Eric Finman, launched a new app CoinBits and claimed that this crypto platform has the capability of revolutionizing the world of digital currency.

CoinBits employs an investment practice, dollar-cost averaging and tracks everyday purchases, and rounds up payments to the nearest dollar, investing the change in bitcoin. The app intends to enable people from every walk of life to explore the vast opportunities of investment in the cryptocurrency.

Finman stated that CoinBits app will support fiat currency conversions into Bitcoin through regular transactions from checking or savings accounts of the users. Furthermore, Finman admitted that his own Bitcoin holdings should as more people will use the small saving app.

On the official website of CoinBits, it was stated that users can start investing with an amount as small as $10 via the app’s web-based interface. The saving app allows the users to adjust the level of risk for their investments. It is worth noting that the app does not charge transaction charges and 98% of the Bitcoin of users are kept in cold storage (offline).

Furthermore, the company handles withdrawals, and a fee of $0.50 is charged in case of same day processing. Users can also download the transaction history associated with their accounts, which tends to make it easier for the users to track and manage their finances.