Why Stablecoins Could Be The Next Big Thing for Your E-commerce Business


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As a business owner—you’re probably always looking for new ways to reach additional customers and simplify your payments landscape. After all, if people can buy one of your products much more easily, you should sell more products, right?

In the past, this might have meant accepting additional payment platforms like PayPal or accepting currencies other than your local fiat. The next big revolution in online payments will clearly be crypto. Some sites have started accepting currencies like Bitcoin already, and if you want to keep up with the crowd, it’s probably something you’ve already considered. But if you want to get ahead of that same crowd, you might want to start considering accepting stablecoins, either instead of Bitcoin or as well as it.

Stablecoins for e-commerce

Stablecoins like SameUSD have a number of benefits when compared to both fiat currencies and even when compared to more popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin for your business.

One of the main problems with Bitcoin is price fluctuation. How can you get someone to pay for one of your products if they have no idea how much Bitcoin might be worth in a few days or weeks? Especially as most Bitcoin holders expect their Bitcoin to be worth a lot more in the future. They have no confidence spending it right now, which eliminates its use as a spendable currency and keeps it as an investment asset. That’s no good for your business, as you’re actually trying to sell products. So whether you’re creating bespoke jewelry or selling video games, the problem is still the same. People aren’t spending their Bitcoin.

Another issue with cryptos like Bitcoin is they’re hard to understand. Especially for lower-priced items. What is 0.000072 BTC on any particular day? Both the huge fluctuations and complicated pricing structure will put people off of spending BTC on normal items. That means it isn’t necessarily a viable option for your business.

Accounting can be difficult, too—like projecting future revenue and making strategic decisions on the price of your products in BTC. Because it fluctuates too much.

That’s where stablecoins like SameUSD come in. They give you all the benefits of crypto (fast, secure, decentralized payments) without all the headaches of asset coins like Bitcoin.

With SameUSD, you know exactly how much one of them is worth. One dollar. You also know that the price in the future should be pretty much the same (aside from a tiny amount of inflation).

That means you can start offering simple digital payments with a currency people can understand. They’re confident in the price and know they aren’t wasting money by spending it now. Adopting stablecoins like SameUSD for your e-commerce venture could be exactly what your customers have been crying out for. And adoption looks set to continue over the next few years, as stablecoins aim to become the go-to option for digital payments in the e-commerce space. That’s why stablecoins could be perfect for your business.

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