Why Charity and Cryptocurrency Are a Match Made in Heaven

Is charity and crypto binded forever

Blockchain projects, by their transparent nature, are often the perfect fuel for a good cause.

If you’re just getting started in the blockchain industry, it can be tricky to know where to begin, especially if you’re looking for a legitimate charity-driven initiative. Fortunately, several projects clearly state charity-driven missions. 

For example, Next Earth will contribute a portion of transactions to charitable donations. Further, Next Earth plans to use a Decentralized Autonomous Organization to facilitate the automatic, community-driven allocation of transactions to meaningful charity projects. And if you want your cryptoassets to have a more lasting impact, why not consider a project with an allocation for charity?

The Charity Vision

Improving the world is something that many blockchain projects are passionate about. In fact, it’s what fuels the ethos of many platforms in the first place, which is why we so often hear about charity and blockchain projects together.

Not only are many blockchain projects donating directly, such as the Binance Charity Foundation, which has donated around $100 million, but there are also projects built to ensure that donations get to those in need, such as GiveTrack.

Today’s hot metaverse projects aim to give people all over the world access to a virtual world, such that everyone, regardless of their location or economic status, is able to create and share cryptoassets in a safe, secure, and censorship-resistant network.

Blockchain allows metaverses to do this because it provides a means of exchange that’s fast, secure, and borderless. It also enables the freedom to help fund projects that are tackling some of the great challenges facing our society today.

There’s a long list of environmental problems in need of dire solutions, and the crypto generation is in the perfect position to solve them through charity.

Crypto and Charity

The crypto community is clearly passionate about making the world a better place.

Bitcoin has become an invaluable tool for charity organizations because of its transparent and secure nature. With Bitcoin, you can reliably track and report on where your donations are going. You don’t have to worry that your money will be misused or stolen either! The blockchain is a trustworthy record-keeper. 

It makes it possible to donate to an organization with complete peace of mind, knowing that every dollar will make its way to the right place.    

Charity organizations use Bitcoin in many different ways. In some cases, they simply accept BTC donations directly from their users via their website or mobile app instead of credit cards or other methods of payment. 

All told, there are dozens upon dozens of different charitable uses for cryptocurrency – including everything from simple donations all the way up to autonomous charity organizations. 

Take Action

If you want to make a difference, take action, and support a worthy cause, then blockchain projects are calling on you to help build a better world.

Next Earth is proud to announce that they’ll be donating 10% of all new land purchases in the Next Earth virtual world. Portions of all other transactions go to charity as well. This means that every time you buy or sell an NFT, virtual land, or another resource, you’ll be contributing to charity.

Alone, we can’t do much, but together we can make a huge difference.

Shawn Du'Mmett

Shawn Du'Mmett

Former IT development and consultant, remote team and collaboration expert, PM, CCO, writer, dreamer, idealist looking to collaborate with global teams on a global teal/turquoise organisation. Shawn's dream is working together openly, to get what writers need and want, and to solve biggest global problems. He is building a collaboration system from the start that everyone can own and define, allowing them to work together, to decide how it works and to their highest ideals.

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