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Bitcoin is extremely unstable, and it isn’t a way to invest money that you can’t afford to lose. Although there are some stories about people making huge profits on Bitcoin in 2017, a lot of people have lost as it fell from its peak. A few other people think that it’s going to be worth more than $ 1 million or even more, whereas others call the whole system a scam fully prepared to collapse.

Bitcoin rocked the globe as it rocketed from obscurity to over $20,000 in interest per coin in 2017. Cryptocurrency markets have settled down a little after that record peak, but several Bitcoin evangelists still say that Bitcoin is the money of the future. Follow us to know and understand more about how Bitcoin works and the best places to buy Bitcoin.

Firstly, do you need any basic details on what Bitcoin is? It’s a digital currency that is mainly used for online transactions and as a hedge, although a rather risky one. It’s not supported by any government. Alternatively, it operates in a network where users in the Bitcoin group may generate coins by “mining” or use their software to complete the calculations. You may even purchase them with dollars or about any other currency.

Where is the best place to buy Bitcoin?

Are you still keen on having a bitcoin pie piece? Here are a few tips: when you buy Bitcoin how you’ll need a spot to store it like your wallet option. This can be an online digital wallet affixed to the account where you buy and sell, software on your computer, or a physical device that you insert into your pc.

You can move Bitcoin and use it for transactions in some rare retail outlets on and offline. But when buying Bitcoin, beware of high transfer fees in your route when going back and forth between coins and other currencies and even transferring to other payment methods.

So, where to buy Bitcoin is a quandary? Read on to search some of the easiest ways to buy bitcoins today.

Coinbase: Overall Best For Buying Bitcoin

Coinbase is the largest and most prestigious Bitcoin platform in the US. It provides both an exchange and a bitcoin address and wallet in one, making it one of the best methods to get started using Bitcoin. Coinbase is also supporting Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Once you sign up and connect your bank account, you can simply do a bank transfer from and to your account and convert them to Bitcoin and back to dollars freely. Coinbase charges an adjustable percentage fee of 1.49 percent for U.S. bank account or Coinbase US dollar wallet purchases. Purchases using a credit card or debit card include 3.99 percent to the fixed fee.

The Coinbase wallet is very safe, made accessible via the Web app or mobile app, uses two-factor authentication, and keeps superfluous digital and paper backups of data “in deposit boxes and vaults around the world.” In addition, cash balances are covered by the insurance up to $250,000 against theft or infringement of online storage. Coinbase also holds 98 percent of customer currencies offline to make them feel safe from suspicious hackers. This is a further indication as to the reason why Coinbase is a leader in digital currencies in the United States.

Coinmama: Overall Best for Easy, Quick Transactions

Coinmama is an all-in-one exchange and digital wallet that makes it much easier buying Bitcoin and a limited list of additional currencies in the U.S. Dollars, Euros. The platform has more than 2 million users in 188 nations.

One of the easy features is that you can buy Bitcoin in just a few clicks from the homepage. Though the company provides fantastic real-time deals, it charges higher rates than most other others on this list — there is a 3.90 percent tax rate for buying transactions and a 0.90 percent rate for selling transactions. You must pay an extra 5% if you use a credit card or debit card.

Instead of buying and selling on the open market, Coinmama funds user transactions from its own holdings, adding just that little additional security compared to some open market platforms. There seems to be no mobile app, but the website is of very high quality. Coinmama is a registered financial business in the United States, offering it increased credibility and acknowledgment over a number of competitors. The platform has several payment methods to select from.

CoinBase Pro: Overall Best Best For Active Traders

Coinbase Pro (which used to be known as GDAX) is a major trading platform with screens that are familiar to those that use Bloomberg terminals or active stock, commodity, and option trading platforms. It charges a fee spanning from 0.04 percent to 0.50 percent on the basis of your trading volume. If you’d like to try Coinbase but with a much larger volume, this platform is really the way to go.

Since GDAX is now Coinbase Pro, the funds are safe and stable. Like Coinbase, your cash is covered by the insurance up to $250,000 and most coins are stored offline in physical form to prevent fraud.

Binance: Overall Best In Low Rates In Other Currencies

Binance accepts a wide variety of digital currencies, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and its own Binance Coin (BNB). Binance charges very good rates at just.10 percent for trades. If you want to go well beyond the most widely known coins, Binance is your best choice where to buy bitcoin.

Binance provides the opportunity to exchange coins in various currencies and promotes digital currencies, including EOS, Skycoin, TRON, ICON, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Ripple, Stellar Lumens, Bitcoin Cash, and a lot of cryptocurrencies you’ve likely haven’t heard of.

Although this website provides a vast variety of low-cost currencies, there are several bugs identified with the Android mobile app, and some users have recorded delays in withdrawing those currencies. Binance is really not covered, which could be of significant concern to some, especially after several unusual trades have been found and reverted in March 2018.

Square Cash: Overall Best For Versatility

This is yet another mobile app in which you can buy and sell Bitcoin free of charge. The Cash app is perfect for doing a bank transfer to your family and friends for free (similar to Venmo). But linking to Bitcoin’s free buying and selling places the Cash app next to the top position to buy Bitcoin list.

The Cash app comes from Square, the company that makes mobile credit card readers up there. Square is a major financial software business that provides a range of other services. Bitcoin is just a tiny chunk of what they’re doing. Even without any taxes, the price is correct.

Unlike other crypto wallets, you ‘re not keeping the Bitcoin outside of Square, it’s being kept in the Square Cash account to transfer or withdraw on your behalf. Although if you’d like to bank transfer your coins to some other wallet, Square is offering that option. Square confines transactions to $10,000 per week, but there’s no threshold to how much you can sell.

Robinhood: Overall Best For Low Cost

Robinhood began as a fee-free stock brokerage and has recently spread into the digital currency environment. The greatest part of it: no fees! You can buy and sell Bitcoin and other digital currencies absolutely free of charge on this website. Robinhood endorses cryptocurrency trading and market information right in its mobile app.

Your coins are kept in the same Robinhood account that you are using for your stock and share your login. Robinhood is mobile-first of all, but then you can also exchange on a desktop, and perhaps it’s best for people to manage money from their phone or tablet. Although you will need to sign in to a tiny screen to access your account, you can’t beat something that is for free!

The main drawback is that Robinhood somehow doesn’t work for cryptocurrency trades in every state as of May 2020. Although if you’re living in one of those states, Robinhood Crypto is a great place to start in order to buy and sell bitcoin.

How to Buy a Bitcoin?

Just a Quick Tip

While each move requires some thought, these are the key things you need to think about when it comes time to make the first buy-in Bitcoin:

  • Download a Bitcoin wallet offline and set up a solid password to secure it.
  • Create an account at Coinbase (and its trading app, Coinbase Pro, if you really want the extra functionality).
  • Choose the preferred payment method.
  • Order your bitcoin now.

Find A Very Good Bitcoin Wallet

Digital wallets are being used to hold bitcoin until you become prepared to spend it or exchange it again for another currency. Bitcoin Wallet vary widely in terms of functionality, platforms that can be used on, and security, so it’s essential to choose the one that works for you — however you should make sure you get away from the one preached by John McAfee.

To get you started, your best option would be to use the wallet that is instantly given to you in the suggested exchange list above, Coinbase. However, it is always a smart idea to set up a wallet that is not connected to exchange to guarantee that you have quick access to your Bitcoin even in the case of overcrowding traffic or site closure.

Select The Perfect BitcoinTrader

The best place to make your first purchase of Bitcoin is through an exchange. There are a number of trades out there, of different results. Others are less trustworthy than others, and some may be very small, so it’s crucial to pick the right exchange to start with. It is recommended that you use Coinbase, although there is no harm in testing the competition by utilizing the Bitcoin exchange comparison tool.

It’s easy to sign up for a Coinbase account, although you’ll need to provide some form of identification. This may mean sending a copy of your photo ID and possibly having to send a live image of your face through a webcam. These rules are crucial to monitor as they enable the site(s) to act in accordance with the know-how rules of the customer.

Even though Coinbase alone will enable you to understand how to buy Bitcoin, it is also worth applying to its connected exchange platform, Coinbase Pro, which again will give you better control over your transactions.

Whether you want to take a more straightforward path while you sell Bitcoin, you may opt to use a peer-to-peer provider such as LocalBitcoin or BitQuick. They provide a broader variety of payment methods and then let you buy Bitcoin directly from a merchant without an exchange intermediary. If you choose to use these and plan schedule trade in person, make sure to meet in a secure environment.

Select Your Payment Method

Exchanges allow a range of payment choices, although one should be careful of spam pages. Coinbase enables all bank account and credit or debit card transactions for sales, but one payment system must be added to your account before you can transact. Coinbase recently introduced PayPal as a transfer alternative, but there are some restrictions.

Remember: Bitcoin ATM enables you to exchange Bitcoin for cash in compatible wallets. These Bitcoin ATMs are available for a limited number of cities and provide an alternate solution to withdrawing money using an exchange. Once more, most exchanges and online wallets don’t really engage directly with cash, they would rather deal with bitcoin ATMs.

Purchase Some Bitcoin and Store Them In Your Wallet

Exchanges give you lots of information as to how many (or how much) bitcoin you can buy for specific amounts of money. Nevertheless, owing to its fluctuating nature, Bitcoin prices may vary substantially by exchange and from time to time. Which really means, even if you’ve had a lot of money to burn, you ‘re probably going to buy a fraction of a bitcoin. There’s really nothing wrong with this, so for most individuals, that is the path they ‘re going to take because none except the wealthy can buy many bitcoins in one go.

To make your first trade, enter the amount of bitcoin you want to purchase in the field provided and click the Buy button. On Coinbase or Coinbase Pro, this would be a simple market buying order that would buy Bitcoin at the best trading cost using bitcoin ATMs. Conversely, you may place a maximum order that enables you to establish a price that you are willing and able to pay on a specific sum, and exchange can only happen if the quantity is seen at the price.

And after you have made your purchase, your new Bitcoin will be housed in your Coinbase wallet. You can then look for an alternative wallet to move these funds to the address of the Bitcoin wallet that you built off the exchange. You ‘re going to have to pay a tiny charge to do so, though that’s simply a part of bitcoin wallet transactions. Thankfully, the fees for these kinds of exchanges are far from their peak.

Please note: Bitcoin wallet transactions can be a little erratic. Like most money transfers, when you buy Bitcoin assets, the sale has to be registered and validated in the blockchain. This may require time, especially during busy trading hours. It really isn’t unusual for a trade to take more than an hour or two to finalize, so you may not want to jump over to your account right now and start trying to move funds around.

Get Ready To Use It

Whether you’re finally planning to sell your digital currency (eventually at a profit) or use it to buy something, be prepared to do this in a minute’s notice. Bitcoin price varies quite wildly, so it’s crucial to have your final game planned out early. Be prepared by setting up a vendor account right now, or figure out where to buy whatever you want with that before you clearly set out to make a purchase. That way, whenever the time comes, you ‘re not going to be in a panicked rush to complete your transactions.

How much does it cost to buy 1 Bitcoin?

And, if you decide to purchase a bitcoin directly, the value will be $9387.48 at the moment. However, in reality, for a trader and an investor to earn money from Bitcoin, they don’t have to purchase bitcoins directly and, in this case, the expense of each exchange is costly and impossible for average citizens to manage. Many individuals who receive Bitcoin profits tend to buy Bitcoin derivatives such as Bitcoin Futures, Bitcoin Options, and Bitcoin ETF.

Afterward, Bitcoin Futures is a BTC investment commodity that allows customers to participate in leveraged margin investing. Investors are willing to gain leveraged returns up to 125X, but they are often dangerous as any reckless action can cause their positions to be liquidated.

Thankfully, Bitcoin Options and Bitcoin ETF have solved the problem that Bitcoin Futures has. These other 2 BTC trading products are subject to 0 fees and 0 margins, and liquidation no longer applies in those 2 transactions.

Furthermore, the rate of profit of the Bitcoin Options may be much higher than the Bitcoin Futures. The highest leverage now supported by Bitcoin Futures is 125X on Binance. Although practically, when I see the options trading on BitOffer allows the rate of income to hit 2,000X.

And if you choose to purchase a Bitcoin Options contract, it means that you would directly own a bitcoin ‘s earnings right at that time. Normally, the right rate price is $5 to $50.

So, with Bitcoin Options, the cost of purchasing a bitcoin is only $5 to $50.

This is also an explanation of why so many people are giving up trading Bitcoin Futures and starting to invest in Bitcoin Options.

Can you buy Bitcoins at Walmart?

Walmart is an American retailer. It has a chain of supermarket chains, convenience shops, etc. It is also feasible for people to purchase bitcoin in Walmart but in a completely different manner.

When people say you can buy Bitcoin at Walmart, they could perhaps say it in a different manner than you think. In addition, Walmart does not really sell Bitcoin, so it’s not like you can go there and purchase it personally.

How to Buy Bitcoin at Walmart Step by Step Tutorial

  • The first step before buying a bitcoin from Walmart is to get a bitcoin wallet. A wallet for bitcoin is a spot to put the potential money. It functions like a bitcoin bank account that lets you save even more bitcoin to exchange.
  • Use the Peer – to – peer exchange where you choose a person to a market place or a peer to a peer market place. While you’re using this method, it’s better for you to have a bitcoin market, because the program will match your location with possible sellers in the surrounding regions. You can use online money transfers, credit cards, debit cards, cash deposits, and gift cards if you want to buy Bitcoin.
  • You would have to have an active email address that you can use to buy a bitcoin. Then pick the exact number of bitcoin you ‘re able to purchase and sign up with your email address. Ensure that you have used the correct email address to avoid confusion when you get the bitcoin in your wallet.
  • Choose the method of payment that you want to use. Since it’s Walmart, they ‘re using the method of buying bitcoins from cash deposits. On the left side of the screen, you will see a clear list of all payment methods. Scroll down until you see the option named walmart2walmart and click on it.
  • Now, you can securely deposit your cash with any Walmart near you. If there are some details, you need to know where you can move your money, you can surely locate it mentioned on a Paxful notice.
  • After each transaction, the deposit must be verified. This is to curtail fraudulent activities and safeguard your bitcoin from scammers. You can check your deposit by uploading the receipt you received from Walmart’s teller.
  • Once you’ve confirmed your transaction, plan to have your bitcoin in your wallet from 10 minutes to 3 hours. This relies on the vendor and how quickly they ‘re working and the bitcoin should be transferred. Although be confident that you can get the bitcoin because it is easy to use the Walmart network so because there are no scam situations because they have the information of both the customer and the seller.

Walmart doesn’t directly deliver the bitcoins, an individual needs to take a certain process to complete the order. It pays a small fee for shipping the bitcoin. They shall bill as follows:

  • $4 charge for a transfer of $0-$50
  • $8 charge for a transfer of $50-$1,000
  • $16 fee for a $1,000—$2,500 transfer.

That being said, Walmart does not really have a direct purchase of the bitcoin from their stores. What they’re doing is an online cash transaction.

Final thoughts

Considering where to buy bitcoin should be fairly straightforward after you have made your mind up on investing in the coin or facilitating a transaction. However, as we found out, choosing an exchange and wallet is more complex.

As with all things new, getting started is slow but as you gain experience, you can weigh alternatives and be familiar with the process. At some point, you could enjoy a substantial return on your investment, and take comfort in the knowledge that your funds are safe and secure after acting with due diligence.


Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decision.

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