What’s the new era of adoption-focused crypto-ecosystems?

In the story of blockchain, every year brought a new trend. We saw Ethereum’s smart contracts in 2017, gaming applications in 2018, focus on gambling apps in 2019 and now, the trend is unmistakably the decentralized finance (DeFi) movement, and it has to be the most influential trend and it continues to advance. 

As cryptocurrency adoption rises, the new digital money orders for crypto-based financial tools and commodities. This requirement has directed the conception of a brand-new layer of financial foundation for cryptocurrencies, called DeFi. 

DeFi is Changing the Landscape

DeFi pulls inspiration from blockchain, which provides many entities to operate a model of a story of transactions, indicating it is not regulated by a singular, primary source. That is significant because human gatekeepers and centralized systems can restrict the rate and refinement of transactions while allowing users limited immediate control over their money. DeFi is distinguished because it increases the effectiveness of blockchain from uncomplicated value transfer to more complicated financial use cases.

Bitcoin and several other digital-native assets hold out from legacy digital payment systems, such as those operated by PayPal and Visa, in that they eliminate all middlemen from transactions. When you pay using a credit card for coffee at a cafe, a financial system occupies the space between you and the company, with power over the exchange, holding the authority to suspend or delay it and register it in its private ledger. With bitcoin, those systems are cast out of the picture.

DXB Rides the New Trend

On the technological end, DXB will be cooperative with the most advanced trends in blockchain application. Basing on top of Binance Smart Chain indicates access to extremely involved developer expertise, as well as links to various token-based projects. 

Why Blockchain?

A blockchain is a potent tool for shared access to particular computational support. The permanent, always free, record additionally gives justice where services and computation function with only programmed omission. 

How Does DXB Plan to Use it?

The products linked to the DXB token are going to apply blockchain for much of their implementations, such as in the primary financial and trading phase. Later, DXB will use blockchain abilities to build a connection between any kind of cryptocurrency. 

How Does Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Support DXB?

BSC is a more welcoming blockchain with much more moderate limits to achieve quick, efficient, and affordable token transfers. The network reduces some of the decentralization, however, the possibility to generate tokens and smart contracts suggests anyone can keep on building on top of BSC and create new kinds of agreement based on tokenization and economic considerations to deliver greater returns via digital assets.

Applying BSC, DXB can depend on an expected foundation layer that has no outsized and variable costs. This provides the DXB token to apply its fees creatively and promote its market. 


The purpose of consolidating a quick blockchain with superior smart contracts implies DXB will be capable of offering a cross-chain, comprehensive crypto payment choice that can be customized to any merchant.

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