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In recent years, the utility of blockchain has stretched far beyond trading and transactions. Blockchain has emerged as an innovative solution for creating a sustainable digital economy. Through new economic models, this unique technology is allowing users to incentivize their digital activities and generate passive income. 

Blockchain holds great potential for creating a sustainable financial ecosystem, especially for lower-income populations, who don’t have access to a sound centralized economic infrastructure.3air is one such project that has recognized this potential and is aiming to create a coherent digital economy in Africa – leveraging the power of blockchain technology. 

3air is revolutionizing the token-based incentives model 

In the language of contemporary psychology, a token economy is known as a behavior management framework that reinforces human behavior through systematic rewards or tokens. In the modern DeFi space, the term reflects a similar concept. 

Many projects are using this core token economy concept in the blockchain, to engage users with a wide range of digital activities, whether it’s playing games, learning, performing tasks, or wider financial activities such as staking, lending, or borrowing assets. 

3air is revolutionizing this concept by bringing several core DeFi services within one platform deployed on its blockchain network – thus increasing accessibility and connectivity among the communities. How are they doing this? 

3air uses its proprietary technology to provide broadband connection wirelessly to those without access. They achieve this by engaging existing broadband users to share their connections through an internet mesh network and then distributing the connections to those without broadband access in Africa. In exchange for sharing their connections, users receive rewards or incentives in the form of 3air’s native token. 

It’s like the Uber of broadband. Users attaining the wireless broadband connection from 3air also gain access to its DeFi platform. From there, they can access a wide range of DeFi services in a single platform to generate passive income. Whether it’s play-to-earn games, learn-to-earn incentives, or staking, the platform provides all the tools to create and manage your wealth in the digital space. 

This is how 3air is aiming to create a sustainable token economy.

3air’s play-to-earn (P2E) model: How does it work? 

Conventional play-to-earn games have a certain complexity that restricts effective user experience. Playing a single game can become repetitive, and the scope for continuous incentives becomes narrow over time. There’s also the fact that such projects have a rather incomprehensive onboarding process. 

Also, users can’t always play multiple P2E games on a regular basis, because each game has its own distinct model, and requires different wallets and different assets. 3air solves this problem by providing multiple P2E games on its platform, creating a single hub for blockchain gaming. 

Users don’t have to switch between multiple applications or wallets, they can play any games within the platform using the 3air token and continuously build up their passive income. This is critically useful for lower economic regions like Africa, where internet connection is limited. 

By providing them with a wireless broadband connection and a single platform for all P2E services, 3air establishes itself as a central infrastructure for all digital activities. This approach is solving the critical issues of digitalisation in Africa. 

The learn-to-earn (L2E): incentivizing learning activities

To generate wider passive income opportunities across Africa, the project also incentivizes learning activities on its platform. Users can earn rewards by learning various digital skills and knowledge available on the platform. 

Many African countries have high crypto ownership, but lack the infrastructure to learn about the underlying technology and strategies of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and other DeFi elements. 3air solves this problem by providing the infrastructure, learning materials, as well as incentives for learning. The platform also incentivizes organizations or individuals who offer their knowledge and skills as teaching services to others. 

It’s a one-stop solution for learning, earning, gaming, staking, accessibility, and other significant DeFi services. 

Increasing the adoption and utility of blockchain 

Reward-based DeFi projects are the future of blockchain. Users don’t want the utility of crypto and blockchain to be limited to trading like the stock market. Instead, they want a strong digital ecosystem that can provide new financial opportunities through decentralized assets. 

This trend will continue and only get stronger as we enter the age of web3. More reward-based models like P2E and L2E are bound to appear, which will increase the utility of blockchain. 

Projects like 3air are working towards this vision. For example, the project is built on the SKALE blockchain. So, having a mesh of different DeFi services on a single blockchain significantly improves its utility and outreach. Users are not just accessing incentivized services through the blockchain but also accessing general digital services such as monthly subscriptions, digital identities, the Internet and Television. 

So, the secret of income generation on the blockchain is knowledge, awareness, and accessibility. 

There are hundreds of blockchain projects out there, but which one you choose determines how sustainably you can generate a passive income from this space. Platforms like 3air that provide a coherent ecosystem, easy access, high utility, and bundled services should always be prioritized.

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