What can you buy with Bitcoin?

buy with bitcoin

The big question ‘what can you buy with Bitcoin?’ remains in the air as many people keep wondering just how many businesses have adopted Bitcoin as a payment method. Many people want to take part in the blockchain revolution and eradicate the use of fiat currencies but are held back by industries that have refused to adopt the use of Bitcoin.

However, there are now many businesses and several more that are now accepting the use of Bitcoin for payment on their platform. With that, the number of things you can get with Bitcoin is ever increasing. Below is a list of things you can acquire and pay with Bitcoin, who knows? Odd things you like might just make the list.

So, what can you buy with Bitcoin?

The food you can purchase with Bitcoin

There was a time no one would have thought it possible to be able to get a meal and pay with Bitcoin. Who would have imagined that a time will come when you can satiate your cravings for food like hot delicious pizza, sumptuous cheese fries, and even burgers would eventually come? Several major food industries and grocery stores all around are taking bitcoin in exchange for their goods.

Burger King was one of the first food chains to start accepting payments from their many customers in Bitcoin and other major companies. Some countries’ Burger king branches also added Bitcoin to their website so that customers can just order their burgers and have them delivered to them. KFC first started with the Bitcoin Bucket which offered a bucket of chicken ribs in return for bitcoins. Now People can other ribs from their favorite joint and just pay with Bitcoin

Domino Pizza was another food chain that ingrained Bitcoin into its services. Now people can order their pizza in whatever flavor and size and just pay with Bitcoin. This payment method is available in their various restaurants and also through their online services where you can get it delivered to your doorstep.

Fast food joints all over are all taking Bitcoin as payment. If you’re a veggie or you just want to eat healthily, then Bitcoin still has you covered as you can buy your favorite fruits and healthy vegetables and still pay with your bitcoins.

Even China has restaurants where you can get your breakfast from on your way to work. You can also buy and enjoy your baked goods from several bakeries that now accept Bitcoin as a payment method and you can find the closest to you and start spending those bitcoins. Some other food you can buy with Bitcoin includes chipotle, Thai food, olive oil, hot sauce, cheesecake, cheese fries, salad, and also submarine food. There are several other foods however that you can buy with bitcoin, just find out from restaurants and grocery stores around you if they accept bitcoin as payment.

Beverages and drinks that you can buy with Bitcoin

Everyone loves coffee. A lot of people just have to have that morning coffee short before they start their day. This is why it has become important that something so vital to the life of many people is bought with Bitcoin. This has become a reality as many cafes are now accepting bitcoin as payment for their goods. Also, if you want to buy some drinks and celebrate with friends or just chill, you can still do so with bitcoin.

Energy drinks can be bought with the use of Bitcoin in several stores. Several bars and stores are now partnering with Bitcoin to give people access to their favorite drinks in return for bitcoin. So you can now purchase that bottle of wine, a cup of tea, glass of beer, can of soda, and even alkaline water with your bitcoins. That’s right, Bitcoin can get you a whole lot of beverages and drinks.

Clothes and shoes that you can buy with Bitcoin

If you can purchase food and your different preferred drinks with bitcoin, then it only makes sense that other things be included in the mix. What if you could purchase your favorite clothing items and that shoe you’ve always coveted with some bitcoins? Well, it is entirely possible! There are so many shops and malls that allow you to pay for their goods with Bitcoins.

Now you can get that jacket you’ve been wanting for a long time or those jeans you’ve always wanted and just pay with bitcoin. Massive online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and even Etsy have several merchants on their platforms that are accepting bitcoins in return for their goods. So you can check for sellers with apparel that you want and then order some for yourself.

Many other online services only accept bitcoin as their mode of payment and reject fiat currencies completely. Boutiques like Beloved and Joli Originals also accept bitcoin as a mode of payment in return for their clothes and shoes. So you can just go in there with your Bitcoin debit card and start swiping away in return for clothes and shoes.

Several other clothing accessories you can get with Bitcoin include belts, tops, and tees, jackets and coats, sweaters, hats, socks, caps, earrings, necklaces, watches, beachwear, and rings. Summer is here and everyone is stocking up on summer outfits, you can begin your shopping today and pay with bitcoins this time.

Cars that you can buy with Bitcoin

Buying cars can be a difficult feat to achieve, especially luxury cars. It becomes even hard for those who hold bitcoin and these industry doesn’t have a vast selection of industries to choose from. It is even harder when you’re looking for a luxury car to ride in grand style. As difficult as it is, it is still possible and we have good news for you in this section.

Several car brands offer their luxury cars to buyers in exchange for their cars. These brands allow car enthusiasts who hold cryptocurrencies to have access to their dream car sooner than they thought. If you’re a Rolls-Royce lover, then you’re in luck as this brand allows customers to purchase their cars in return for bitcoin.

Mercedes-Benz, the oldest car brand is also moving with the tide and allowing customers to purchase their cars in return for Bitcoin. The same goes for Ferrari, Porsche, Bugatti, Bentley, Mustang, Volkswagen, and even electric cars like Tesla. With these luxury car brands, your investment with bitcoin is bound to start looking like the best choice you ever made.

Non-luxurious vehicles that you can purchase with Bitcoin

There are more than luxurious vehicles available to bitcoin owners to purchase. Several vehicles are still available and the brands accept bitcoin in exchange for their wide array of vehicles. So if you’re looking to acquire a bus today, check out the price in bitcoins and you can make your purchase. Helicopters are also available for purchase in Bitcoin.

Truck companies are also joining the Bitcoin revolution and accepting bitcoins in exchange for their vehicles. Mixers and cranes too can now be purchased from stores all over the world and then paid for with bitcoin. Vehicles on two wheels like motorbikes and scooters are also being sold in stores all over the world with Bitcoin being accepted as payment for those vehicles.

Other vehicles that can be purchased with the use of Bitcoins are bicycles, motorcycles, and aircraft amongst many others. Whatever vehicle you’re looking for; if it’s in the market then you can surely make a purchase with bitcoin in one of the many stores that offer it. When someone asks you the question ‘what can you buy with Bitcoin?’ you can simply show off your new bike.

Electronic devices that you can buy with Bitcoin

Due to the revolution of bitcoin, people no longer need to take their credit card along when they want to make purchases, you can now carry out purchases and make Bitcoin payments. Electronic devices are not left out of this mix too. Technology has made things so much easier with the advent of the blockchain network and it’s only normal that we can get technological gadgets with bitcoins too.

These days, there is a gadget for everything we do. From smartphones to computer gadgets to car gadgets and many others, everything has been designed to make our lives simpler and better. Many stores where you can purchase these electronic gadgets accept bitcoins as payment now. There are even online marketplaces that allow people to purchase electronic gadgets on their platform and then pay with bitcoin.

Overstock is one of the online marketplaces that allow people buyer hardware and electronics from their platform. They were one of the first businesses to start accepting bitcoins and their vast selection of electronics will have you spending those bitcoins in no time. Newegg is another online platform that offers you electronic gadgets. They have all you need in terms of electronics.

The various electronic devices that can be bought with bitcoin as payment are tracking devices, printers, headphones and speakers, drones, power banks for both phones and laptops, cameras, and even security gadgets like metal detectors, GPS trackers, CCTV, and many others. Whatever you’re looking for, just have your cryptocurrency handy and you’ll be good.

Gaming items that you can buy with Bitcoin

A lot of people are into games and would love to purchase their favorite video games with the use of bitcoins. A lot of people do not even leave their houses anymore to purchase their gaming gadgets, including headphones. They just go online and find a platform that offers the products they’re looking for, then make purchases. Now when you search in virtual stores, you can also search for a section where you can pay with bitcoins.

Many online platforms that sell games are now accepting bitcoin payments. Xbox for one, allows gamers to pay for games and subscribe for Xbox with bitcoins. PlayStation Network is another platform that now accepts bitcoins as payment for their games and subscriptions as well as add-ons. An Indie games website called Humble Bundle has also joined the fair and accepts bitcoin payments.

Zynga is also another platform where you can get games for your smartphones and also play online games, they have also started accepting bitcoins on their platform in return for services rendered. So with all the bitcoin-accepting platforms laid out before you, you can now get your gaming items and skins, your game hardware, virtual reality, and video games.

Online services and software that can be bought with Bitcoin

A lot of companies that develop software are joining the train and now accept Bitcoin payments for their services and their product. This service cuts across the personal section and the business sections. You can now use bitcoin to pay for services like web hosting, security services, and purchase software like server software and also cryptocurrency mining software.

However, the market is not universal in its decision to accept bitcoins for payments. A company has to decide that a digital currency works just as well as fiat currencies when it comes to payment. Companies like Dish network which provides satellite service have embedded bitcoin payments on their platform. ExpressVPN that is also known for its safe and fast VPN network also allows clients to pay with bitcoins.

It has even become possible to also pay to join dating websites like OkCupid and find that love that has been excluding you. Reddit is another online service that allows traders to upgrade to premium by subscribing with Bitcoins. A platform for registering your domain name which is called Namecheap has also joined the bandwagon and domains are now part of things you can buy using bitcoin.

You can also purchase your newspapers online today with bitcoin if you subscribe to Bloomberg or Chicago Sun-Times. Several antivirus and screen recorders are available for purchase with bitcoin. You can get internet security and crypto mining software to learn how to mine cryptocurrency today.

Gift cards you can get with Bitcoin

Gift cards are very popular now especially as a reward or token by several websites. It is another way that solves the problem of how to buy Bitcoins from sites that don’t accept Bitcoin payments. You can purchase gift cards and then use the gift cards to purchase from platforms that are not accepting bitcoins for their goods and services. A gift card is always a fail-safe method of making payments every time an online platform doesn’t accept cryptocurrency payments.

You might also want to gift these gift cards to a loved one for their birthday so that they can acquire whatever they want from online stores like Amazon and other businesses. Gift cards give access to acquire using cryptocurrencies from companies all over the world. eGifter is one of the platforms you can get these gift cards of any value you want. Instagift and several others also allow spending those Bitcoins on their available gift cards.

Travel services that you can buy with Bitcoins

There are many travel agencies today all over the world and they are all competing for a chance to impress people with their packages. Most of them have similar travel packages and therefore, to stand out, some of them have come up with new ways of payment that will appeal to several prospective clients. You can now book that vacation you’ve always wanted to go on and then pay with the use of bitcoins.

Expedia allows clients on their platform to book hotels and get travel tickets through them with your coins. Webjet offers the full travel and tourism package and allows clients to get their travel packages with Bitcoin. People can now pay for hotels, hire cars and pay for flight tickets using the digital coin; bitcoins. If you’re looking for the closest traveling agency to you, you can simply check out Bitcoin Travel for a detailed list of all the agencies that accept bitcoin payments in return for travel services.

CheapAir which has been around since 1989 joined the Bitcoin revolution and has begun using cryptocurrency as a way of making payments on their platforms. If you’re looking to travel, you can just pay with digital currency via your wallet. Virgin Airlines also allows people to acquire space travel tickets with cryptocurrencies. The largest airline in Scandinavia is looking to also integrate a section that allows its clients to acquire tickets with bitcoins.

Home gadgets that you can acquire with Bitcoin

There are many home appliances that one can purchase with bitcoin. A lot of physical and online stores are offering their home gadgets in return for Bitcoins as payment. Most of these appliances were made by top brands all over the world so you don’t have to worry about quality with these products when using coins as a way of payment.

With bitcoin, you can now purchase your television and in any size and brand that you so choose. You can also acquire your kitchen appliances like the microwave, sandwich maker, dishwasher, and several others with bitcoin. It is also possible to purchase your refrigerators, washing machines, diffusers and so many other home appliances with the use of bitcoin.

Furniture that you can purchase with bitcoin

If you want to move into a home and purchase some new furniture, you can now do that with bitcoin. If you’re looking to redecorate or add new furniture to either your home or your office, bitcoin has you covered on both grounds. Furniture makers and sellers are now supporting bitcoin payments on their platform and also accepts other top digital currency.

You can now stock up your living room with consoles, sofas, throw pillows, display shelves, armchairs, and also bookshelves. If you’re looking to add new curtains, you can still pay for these items with bitcoin. Whatever decorations you’re doing to the rooms in your home or office, they are part of the things you can buy using bitcoin.

Some bedroom items that can be bought with bitcoin are blankets and sheets, mattresses and pillows, beds, and headboards. If you’re expecting a new baby in your home, you can also purchase cribs and cradles with bitcoins you own. If you want to make changes to your dining room, then that marble dining table and chairs you’ve been desiring can now be purchased with bitcoins.

If you’re a gardener or you’re looking to start a garden and need appliances for your garden, you can purchase your hammocks and garden wall planters with bitcoins in several online stores and physical stores. Office furniture is not left out and the best part is that some of these stores are offering customers free delivery when they purchase by bitcoin online. So, convenience is promised on every side with bitcoin.

Real estate assets that can be bought using Bitcoin

Real estate is one of the top assets being invested in the financial industry. They are best because they are a lifetime investment that will always yield a number of profits either annually or monthly. This is why many people have chosen to get a real estate property as their investment option. Bitcoins have made it more possible by giving owners a chance to acquire properties.

You can choose to acquire an apartment today with bitcoin or own a villa with Bitcoin. You can also choose to purchase land in a particular location and build from the ground up with bitcoin. Townhouses are also a good investment and buying one is now being made possible with bitcoin. Many real estate agencies with online websites give you the chance to purchase properties with bitcoins online.

You can choose the company you prefer, the state you want and the city. You can choose among their many options the property you want to buy. These properties can then be sold later on or leased out if you’re looking to profit much more from your bitcoin investment. So, if you’re looking to buy a chalet, it is now made possible to purchase one today with your cryptocurrency.

Other accessories and devices that you can buy with bitcoin