WAX and Amazon Web Services Forge Strategic Alliance to Empower Developers


  • WAX, a leading gaming-focused blockchain, has partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to enhance its infrastructure and accessibility for developers.
  • Market and Development Impact: This alliance has led to a significant increase in the market value of WAX’s native token, WAXP, and promises to simplify the development process for developers through the integration with Amazon Managed Blockchain (AMB).

the Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX), a premier gaming-focused layer-1 blockchain, has entered into a strategic partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

The collaboration between WAX and Amazon marks a pivotal moment for WAX, currently ranked as the 10th-largest blockchain in terms of activity, as it leverages AWS’s cloud computing prowess to enhance its infrastructure and accessibility for developers worldwide.

WAX and Amazon enhancing blockchain development with AWS

The core of the Wax and Amazon partnership revolves around the integration of WAX’s network with the Amazon Managed Blockchain (AMB) service, a move designed to streamline the development process for decentralized applications (dapps) on the WAX blockchain. AMB offers a robust platform that supports both private and public blockchain networks, providing developers with the tools needed to build, manage, and scale their dapps with greater efficiency and reliability.

By incorporating WAX into the AMB ecosystem, developers gain the unprecedented ability to deploy nodes directly through the AWS console. This integration not only simplifies the technical complexities associated with blockchain development but also significantly reduces the barrier to entry for developers looking to innovate within the WAX ecosystem. The ease of deploying and managing nodes is expected to attract a new wave of developers to WAX, further enriching the blockchain’s diverse array of gaming and Web3 applications.

A surge in market confidence

The announcement of this partnership has had an immediate and positive impact on the market perception of WAX. The blockchain’s native token, WAXP, witnessed a remarkable surge of over 20% in its value within a single day, outpacing the CoinDesk 20 Index—a broad measure of the crypto market—which saw a modest gain of 1.6%. Following the announcement, WAXP’s value climbed an additional 5.6% before stabilizing at $0.111. This market response underscores the confidence and enthusiasm of investors and participants in the WAX ecosystem, buoyed by the prospects of enhanced development capabilities and broader adoption facilitated by the AWS partnership.

The collaboration between WAX and AWS is not just a technical integration; it represents a strategic alliance aimed at accelerating the journey toward the mass adoption of Web3 technologies. WAX CTO Lukas Sliwka emphasized the significance of this partnership as a major milestone in realizing the vision of a widely accessible and utilized Web3 ecosystem. Over the past 30 days, WAX has demonstrated its robustness and appeal, facilitating 141 million transactions across 666,000 unique active wallets. The platform hosts 160 Web3 games, including notable titles like Brawlers, a trading card game that has also made its way into the Amazon Prime Gaming service alongside mainstream hits such as Apex Legends and Call of Duty.

This partnership not only enhances WAX’s infrastructure but also positions it as a leading platform for the development and hosting of blockchain-based games and applications. By leveraging AWS’s global infrastructure and AMB’s blockchain management capabilities, WAX is set to offer an unparalleled development environment that is both powerful and accessible. This environment promises to attract a diverse range of developers, from independent creators to large gaming studios, all looking to innovate and push the boundaries of what is possible in the gaming and Web3 spaces.

The strategic alliance between WAX and Amazon Web Services signals the dawn of a new era in blockchain gaming and decentralized application development. As this partnership unfolds, the broader blockchain and gaming communities eagerly anticipate a surge in innovative dapps that leverage the combined strengths of WAX’s gaming-focused blockchain and AWS’s cloud computing capabilities. This collaboration not only sets a new standard for blockchain infrastructure but also exemplifies how strategic partnerships can drive the industry forward, making blockchain technologies more accessible, efficient, and impactful.


The partnership between WAX and AWS is a testament to the growing convergence of blockchain technology and mainstream cloud computing services. It highlights a shared vision for a future where blockchain and Web3 technologies are integral to the digital landscape, offering new possibilities for developers, gamers, and users alike. As WAX continues to evolve and expand its ecosystem with the support of AWS, the blockchain community watches with anticipation for the next wave of innovation and growth that this alliance will undoubtedly bring.

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