USF Announces New College in AI and Cybersecurity


  • USF plans to open a new college focusing on AI, cybersecurity, and computing to lead in tech education and innovation. 
  • The college aims to bridge the skills gap in the tech industry by preparing students for high-demand jobs and enhancing research. 
  • By leveraging its strengths and partnerships in the tech and defense industries, USF seeks to make significant contributions to the fields of AI and cybersecurity.

In a bold move to lead in technology and innovation, the University of South Florida (USF) has declared its plan to open a new college. This institution will concentrate on artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, and computing. This step is designed to place the Tampa Bay area and Florida at the forefront of these critical tech sectors.

Meeting the demand for tech skills

The tech world is rapidly changing, with AI and cybersecurity at the heart of this transformation. USF’s upcoming college aims to address the growing need for skilled professionals in these fields. Studies reveal a significant surge in AI-related job openings across the U.S. At the same time, over 40% of organizations report a lack of qualified cybersecurity experts. USF’s initiative seeks to bridge this gap, preparing students for the demanding tech job market. This new college will not only educate the next generation of tech leaders but also push the boundaries of research and innovation in AI and cybersecurity.

Leveraging strengths and enhancing partnerships

USF is not new to the realms of AI, cybersecurity, and computing. With around 200 faculty members already engaged in related research, the university has seen a substantial increase in funding, particularly from the National Science Foundation, which awarded over $800 million for AI research last year. The formation of this new college will integrate these existing strengths, promoting interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation.

The university is strategically located in the Tampa Bay region, a hub for technology and defense industries, which provides a unique advantage. By deepening industry partnerships, USF aims to lead not only in education and research but also in the responsible application of technology in society.

USF’s strategic vision

The establishment of the new college is part of a broader strategic vision, aligning with the university’s goal of enhancing its academic and research excellence. This vision includes preparing students for in-demand careers, promoting continuous professional development, and fostering partnerships with industries, governments, and communities. By doing so, USF aims to ascend to the top ranks of national universities, further enhancing its reputation and impact.

The process of creating the new college involves thorough consultation with faculty and requires approval from the USF Board of Trustees. An internal task force is already evaluating USF’s strengths and exploring opportunities for multidisciplinary collaboration, essential for advancing the university’s academic and research goals.

As USF President Rhea Law aptly put, the rapid evolution of AI and cybersecurity presents both hurdles and opportunities. Through the expertise of its faculty and robust partnerships with the business community, USF is well-positioned to be a global leader in these pivotal fields. The new college is not just an addition to USF’s academic offerings; it’s a strategic move to shape the future of technology and society.

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