Nigeria’s Central Bank Governor raises concerns over untraceable funds flowing through Binance


  • Nigeria’s central bank governor is concerned about $26 billion flowing through Binance Nigeria amid a forex crisis.
  • Calls for regulating crypto exchanges rise as access to platforms like Binance gets blocked.
  • Authorities collaborate to probe fund flows and legal issues tied to Binance in Nigeria.

In a recent development concerning Nigeria’s financial landscape, Olayemi Cardoso, the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), has voiced apprehensions regarding the significant influx of untraceable funds through Binance Nigeria, one of the country’s prominent cryptocurrency exchanges. Multiple local media outlets have reported on Cardoso’s remarks, highlighting the urgency of addressing this issue amidst Nigeria’s ongoing foreign exchange crisis.

Untraceable funds amidst foreign exchange crisis

According to Governor Cardoso, an alarming $26 billion worth of untraceable funds passed through Binance Nigeria over the last year alone. This revelation comes at a critical juncture for Nigeria, as the country grapples with a foreign exchange crisis that has led to record lows for the local currency, the naira. The influx of untraceable funds exacerbates the challenges faced by Nigerian authorities in stabilizing the nation’s economy and curbing illicit financial activities.

In response to these developments, renewed calls for regulatory measures have emerged, focusing on restricting cryptocurrency exchange operations within the country. Recent reports indicate that access to certain crypto exchanges, including Binance, has been blocked locally, signaling a proactive stance by Nigerian authorities in addressing the issue. Governor Cardoso’s statement underscores the need for stringent measures to combat illicit financial flows and safeguard Nigeria’s financial integrity.

Governor Cardoso affirmed that the CBN is actively collaborating with various government agencies and law enforcement bodies to investigate the flow of funds through Binance Nigeria and other entities. This collaborative effort underscores the seriousness with which Nigerian authorities approach the issue, reflecting their commitment to enforcing regulations and combating financial misconduct. The partnership between the CBN, government agencies, and the police aims to delve deeper into the origins and destinations of these untraceable funds to ensure transparency and accountability in Nigeria’s financial ecosystem.

Addressing legal concerns surrounding Binance

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of Nigeria previously issued warnings regarding the activities of Binance and an entity known as Binance Nigeria Limited, labeling them as illegal operations. These warnings highlight the regulatory ambiguity surrounding cryptocurrency exchanges in Nigeria and the need for clearer guidelines to govern their activities. As Nigerian authorities intensify their efforts to regulate the crypto industry, addressing the legal concerns surrounding platforms like Binance remains a key priority.

In light of Governor Cardoso’s alarming revelation regarding the flow of untraceable funds through Binance Nigeria, Nigeria finds itself at a crucial juncture in safeguarding its financial integrity amidst a foreign exchange crisis. With renewed calls for regulatory measures and collaborative investigations underway, Nigerian authorities are taking proactive steps to address the challenges posed by illicit financial flows and cryptocurrency exchanges. As the nation navigates these complexities, achieving transparency and accountability in its financial sector remains paramount.

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