Unique Shop Plug-ins That Can Fit Into Almost Every System For Fast Transactions

Unique shop plug ins that can fit into almost every system for fast transactions

Aurix CEO, Majed Mohsen, with his brilliant vision, could not see the benefits of crypto involvement in the world of eCommerce. It was the true idea behind creating a cryptocurrency in the first place, but because of  its novelty, it slowly got a place in the asset class. 

Majed Mohsen, who is an amazing coder with  trading skills, has joined the crypto and eCommerce world together with the Aurix unique shop Plug-ins. A bridge is needed to bring a revolutionary difference into the system and to increase the transaction speed and security, along with enhanced convenience and experience for Plug-in users.

Why was crypto not being used in businesses and eCommerce?

Although   cryptocurrency can automatically be converted into the respective currency of the user, and can be seamlessly used for payments on eCommerce platforms, yet most of the merchants are yet to start using it. The reason behind this is the novelty and various limitations that have induced unwanted fear in the minds of merchants. 

The first and very common issue that most people have with using cryptocurrency as a payment mode in eCommerce platforms is its slow speed. Due to the scalability issue, the size of blocks for most of the cryptocurrencies are limited to 1 MB, which is not as fast as traditional transactions.

One of the very common fears is the lack of security. In the past, hacks like DDoS have made many people believe  hacks will continue in the future. 

Using traditional cards, users receive various kinds of offers, cashback, and discounts. These are rarely found in the crypto world. Aurix is working hard to make a change by providing various kinds of rewards when making crypto transactions using their plug-in.

If you are an eCommerce retailer or customer, adopting cryptocurrency is crucial to increase your profits and payment experience through  Aurix plug-ins by Aurix.

Advanced payments using Aurix Plug-ins

Aurix plug-ins are specially designed to provide lots of benefits while opting for cryptocurrency as a mode of payment. They are:

  • Pretty stable
  •  Bugs free

 Glitches free 

  • Cashbacks 
  • Pretty responsive
  • Very easy to use

The whole combination of the above benefits vanishes all the issues that users face with other platforms in the market. Aurix plug-in offers:

  1. Fast transactions: The efficient Aurix chain is the backbone of the whole Aurix ecosystem that provides fantastic payment speed. Aurix chain is well developed for seamless payment and shopping experiences, by providing immediate cryptocurrency processing.
  2. Broader market: For merchants, accepting cryptocurrency using Aurix is also helpful in accessing a whole new bunch of consumers who are a part of the cryptocurrency market. Using Aurix plug-ins to opt for cryptocurrency as a mode of payment will also help users get additional rewards to improve user experience and make the process more interesting.
  3. Highest security: Since there is no middle force, the decentralized architecture of Aurix plug-ins is highly secure, with a  zero chance of hacking.


Aurix plug-in truly has the potential of bringing more  users into the utilization of cryptocurrency in the eCommerce and business world. It is evident that Aurix CEO, Majed Mohsen, has done a marvellous job by introducing a fresh idea of Aurix plug-ins and the involved benefits in the market. 

So, if you are bored of your current crypto exchange platform or you are risking your security, Aurix is the solution. With the increasing security of crypto and the popularity of crypto in the eCommerce world,, this  is the best time to get started with Aurix plug-ins and benefit from the services and the rewards that follow your transactions.

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