Umbro Announces Exclusive Partnership with One Future Football


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  • Umbro teams up with One Future Football for a groundbreaking AI-driven football experience.
  • Sustainability meets innovation: Neo Swerve Pro, the eco-conscious ball of the future.
  • A new era in football: Umbro and One Future Football connect with the next generation of fans.

In an exciting development in the world of football, Umbro, the renowned sports brand, has announced a strategic partnership with One Future Football, the innovative AI-driven football league. This groundbreaking collaboration will see Umbro become the exclusive Official Ball Partner of One Future Football, with the Neo Swerve Pro ball taking center stage in all matches of One Future Football Season 2, commencing on Friday, October 20th.

The fusion of technology and football

One Future Football is not your typical football league; it’s a virtual, AI-driven football experience that has captured the imagination of football enthusiasts worldwide. In this league, 264 players compete for 12 clubs each season, but the matches don’t happen within the confines of physical stadiums. Instead, every result is generated through a sophisticated AI Match Engine. This engine processes tens of thousands of data points and runs millions of calculations to recreate every shot, save, tackle, foul, and goal, providing a unique and thrilling football experience.

Umbro’s commitment to innovation

“At Umbro, we’ve always strived to be at the forefront of technological advancements, and we listen to fans and how they’re consuming football. One Future Football has quickly found a connection with young football fans around the world, and we see an opportunity to be a big part of its development,” stated Anthony LiYle, Managing Director of Umbro.

This strategic partnership signifies Umbro’s dedication to embracing cutting-edge technology and enhancing the football experience for fans. With One Future Football, Umbro aims to bridge the gap between traditional football and the digital age.

Creating heroes and connecting with fans

One Future Football is not just about AI-driven matches; it’s about creating the heroes of tomorrow. These players use their platform for good, connecting with fans on social media and in entirely new ways that were previously unimaginable. The partnership between Umbro and One Future Football seeks to engage with a new generation of football fans and introduce them to the beautiful game in an innovative and exciting manner.

Peter Davis, Co-Founder and CEO of One Future Football, expressed his enthusiasm about working with Umbro, stating, “Umbro is an iconic brand with unparalleled authenticity in the world of football. It’s a dream to work with a company with such history but also so much happening right now. We’ve been operating for a year now, and it’s great to partner with Umbro and be able to say we have a combined 100 years of experience!”

A commitment to sustainability

Umbro’s commitment to sustainability aligns seamlessly with One Future Football’s values. The Neo Swerve Pro ball, which will be featured in all matches of the league, boasts a Polyurethane outer casing made from recycled plastic. This eco-conscious choice reflects the shared view of both partners in making positive choices for the planet. It resonates with the fans of One Future Football, who are passionate about environmental sustainability.

Umbro’s innovative sponsorship approach

In addition to its role as the Official Ball Partner, Umbro is taking an innovative step by directly sponsoring two One Future Football athletes. This sponsorship not only demonstrates Umbro’s commitment to the growth and development of the league but also highlights the brand’s dedication to nurturing emerging talent in the digital football landscape.

A bright future for football

The partnership between Umbro and One Future Football signals a new era for football, one that seamlessly blends technology, sustainability, and fan engagement. As Season 2 of One Future Football kicks off with the Neo Swerve Pro ball at the forefront, football enthusiasts around the world can look forward to a thrilling, innovative, and environmentally-conscious football experience.

Umbro’s dedication to staying at the cutting edge of football technology and One Future Football’s commitment to creating a new generation of football heroes make this partnership a winning combination. Together, they are set to redefine the way fans interact with and enjoy the beautiful game.

As the football world eagerly anticipates the kickoff of One Future Football Season 2, all eyes will be on Umbro and their Neo Swerve Pro ball, as they take their place in the exciting journey of AI-driven football.

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