Crypto giants on edges as UK’s FCA releases mega 200-page guide


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  • FCA’s 200-page crypto promo handbook ensures fairness in digital asset promotions.
  • UK crypto firms urged to comply with evolving regulations in the dynamic market.
  • The regulatory gap persists as the UK government yet to establish cryptoasset rules.

The United Kingdom’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has unveiled a comprehensive handbook outlining the rules and guidelines that crypto firms must adhere to when promoting cryptocurrency-related services. This significant regulatory document spans over 200 pages and aims to provide clarity and ensure fairness in the promotion of digital assets.

In an effort to maintain integrity and transparency in the rapidly evolving crypto market, the FCA has published a finalized handbook offering clear guidance to crypto firms. The core requirement emphasized in this handbook is that promotions related to crypto assets must be fair, clear, and free from any misleading information.

This move by the FCA reflects the regulatory body’s recognition of the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency sector. As the market and regulatory landscape continue to evolve, the FCA acknowledges the possibility of future modifications to these rules. The regulatory authority states, “We know the cryptoasset market is evolving rapidly and will keep this Guidance under review as market practice and regulation develops.”

FCA’s guidelines for fair and transparent crypto promotions

The FCA’s handbook not only defines the purpose and intended audience but also provides comprehensive insights into the regulations that crypto firms are obligated to follow when promoting their digital asset services. It is essential for crypto companies to familiarize themselves with these guidelines to ensure compliance.

The guidelines set out by the FCA encompass various aspects of crypto asset promotions. They apply not only to traditional advertising methods such as sponsorships at major events, television, print, and radio but also consider exceptions. The handbook specifies that the financial promotion restriction does not apply if the promotion is communicated by an authorized person, with the content approved by an authorized individual. This provision allows for flexibility in advertising practices within the crypto industry.

In addition to emphasizing the need for fair and clear promotions, the FCA’s handbook serves as a reminder to crypto firms that they should operate within the bounds of the law and comply with regulatory requirements. Beyond adhering to the financial promotion restriction, firms must evaluate whether their activities related to crypto assets fall under regulation and whether they possess the necessary authorization and permissions to operate within the UK.

It is important to note that, as of now, the UK government has not established specific regulations for cryptoassets, and they do not qualify as “specified investments under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.” This regulatory gap underscores the importance of crypto firms being proactive in understanding and complying with existing financial and advertising regulations.

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