Ukrainian farmer auctions NFT tank at 250 ETH

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• Farmers in Ukraine auction real tank NFT at 250 Ethereum.
• The NFT tank auction involves three real pieces of Russian weapons.

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine started, several entities in Europe have used the strength of cryptocurrencies to benefit economically. Recently, several farmers in Ukraine have attempted to deal in NFT tanks and other weapons. This non-fungible auction aims to raise enough money to aid the war-torn people.

Trading with non-fungible tokens has allowed various companies and individuals worldwide to earn money by displaying their art pieces quickly. With the conflict between Russia and Ukraine currently at a peak, Ukrainians have resorted to taking back their country through technology. This auction brought up by farmers in Ukraine is the perfect example that NFTs and cryptocurrencies are available in any situation.

Ukrainians display the NTF tank

NTF tank

It’s been more than a month since Russia invaded Ukraine, and the country is trying to recover through cryptocurrencies. Farmers in Ukraine decided to auction Russian tanks on the Ethereum NFT marketplace OpenSea.

The auction encourages people to experience how good it is to have a tank. According to reports, the auction starts from 250 Ethereum or about $700000. In the virtual auction, three pieces are available.

Real tanks are auctioned as non-fungible in Ukraine

NFTs auctioned on OpenSea or in another virtual art gallery, are usually only digital. However in this case, the buyer will obtain a real tank after purchasing the NFT tank.

According to the announcement, the real tanks that enter the auction are not destroyed. Instead, they were left by the crews during the war for territories. It also indicates that no one was injured during the tank evacuation.

At the NFT tank auction, all three pieces contain a secret phrase only revealed to the buyer. This note will include the exact location of the actual tank and the steps to follow to recover the Russian war piece.

The data that could be leaked about the NTF tank auction is that the T-80U, T-72A, and T-64BV models are being presented, corresponding to weapons used by the Soviet Union. It will be a limited auction from which few virtual commerce enthusiasts can profit if they access it at the right time.

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