UK households on brink as Bank of England raises rates


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  • The Bank of England (BoE) raises the benchmark bank rate to 5%, the highest level since 2008, in an effort to curb high inflation.
  • The National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) warns this could push 1.2 million UK households towards insolvency.
  • Areas such as Wales and North-East UK are predicted to face a heavier economic burden due to rising mortgage repayments.

UK households are on the precipice of financial instability as the Bank of England (BoE) hikes the benchmark bank rate to 5%, its highest point since 2008.

This unprecedented 0.5 percentage point surge represents the most significant increase in three months.

The effect of this change reverberates across the financial landscape of the UK, with the potential to push 1.2 million households towards insolvency, according to the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR).

The bank’s rationale behind the increase

The BoE’s decision to escalate the key bank rate was driven by a need to curb inflation rates, currently teetering just under 9%, a level deemed unsustainable by the central bank.

With a steadfast commitment to attain a 2% inflation rate, this change signifies the bank’s bold strategy to rein in runaway prices.

The inevitable knock-on effect of the higher bank rate is the increasing cost of loans and mortgages, sparking concerns for homeowners and borrowers.

The BoE, fully aware of the worry this decision will trigger, seeks to reassure that without this rate increase, high inflation could become a permanent fixture.

The central bank asserts that bringing the rates down is an essential step to returning inflation to the targeted 2%. While the prospect of higher returns on savings offers a silver lining, the impact on loans and mortgages is cause for significant concern.

UK households on the edge: The human cost of high rates

As the UK grapples with these new financial realities, the NIESR spotlights the stark impact on households.

Echoing widespread concern, economist Max Mosley explained that this sharp rise in interest rates puts millions of households on the brink of insolvency, especially those with mortgages. Mosley argues that expecting households to withstand this degree of financial shock is unrealistic.

According to the NIESR, the rate increase can potentially lead to a high rate of insolvency by year-end, a direct result of escalating mortgage repayments. Alarmingly, certain regions like Wales and North-East are expected to carry a heavier burden in this evolving economic landscape.

The BoE’s announcement carries vital information for borrowers, highlighting that individuals with fixed-rate loans or mortgages won’t face any changes until their fixed period ends.

However, a cautionary note is struck for those with variable rate debts who may see their repayments escalate. As per recent data from UK Finance, about 17% of the outstanding mortgages in the UK, equivalent to 1.4 million, operate on variable rates.

This rise in the benchmark bank rate sets the stage for a tenuous economic climate in the UK, affecting millions of households across the nation. The impact will be far-reaching, with the prospect of high insolvency rates looming large.

The BoE’s move, while designed to tame soaring inflation, presents a significant challenge for the country’s economic stability, pushing households to the brink and testing the resilience of the UK’s economy.

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